777 Father Time Quantum Light 777

Something to Become like Us

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens

Knowledge comes from the King’s

Daughters Listen


Who Become Kings

Ancient sayings you can only create what appears not from what does not appear, circa, 8000 BC.

Quantum Light of High Maintenance Daughters.

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Quantum light is the one particle on a sub-subatomic level that gives us all life and the glue that hold the universe in place.  To stabilize the chaos and confusion to provide a Thermodynamic Equilibrium to all life.

This is to me My Father who gave us all life.  You can call it Intelligent Design; I prefer to call Him Father.  Is he a God?  No Gods reproduce after their own kind.  Look at any of the cultures of the world and the gods they serve.  Look at interpersonal relationships of all the cultures and their relationships with neighboring nations.

If one serves the gods of the cultures you live in them life becomes chaotic and confused very unstable on a molecular structures, our cognizant reasoning becomes skewed.

If you look at the Atom chart, you will see concentrate rings, elliptical orbits of the electron which have a lower mass and weight.  This is the woman pictorial representations of ancient men of renown stature.

Then you see three protons all clustered together, the elliptical orbits are more condensed they have a higher mass and weight.  This is a pictorial representation of the 3 Fathers and the 3 Kings, this is the man that I refer to all the time.  As told by ancient men of renown.

In the center of the Atom is the Nucleus that hold everything in elliptical orbits.  The thing that is intriguing is the Nucleus.  with the Nucleus you look at in subatomic microscopes you will see your Father it is Quantum Light which is an electromagnetic radiation wave.  It is pure energy, 0 energy, but having the same mass and weight as the Proton.

The Quantum Light of the Father is nether positive nor negative but it has the same weight and mass as the proton.

It still takes the Electron to hold everything in concentric elliptical orbits.  This is the why the Father made you.  With His Mass and Weight and your Mass and Weight, Daughter’s, you are spiritually more powerful then the Kings I talk about.

Kings are the Gardeners of Creation.  To plant the trees, flowers and to trim the shrubs and bushes keeping everything pristine.  Shooing away the animals that stray to close.

My Father is in the stellar regions of Quantum Light.  You can see the light of the sun, yet you cannot hold it, yet you feel its on your face.  You squint your eyes if you look at Him directly.  Yet you hear His voice.  I have him on speed dial.

I do not believe in the All-Powerful Wizard of Oz, the gods of men, if you are familiar with the movie that had no power at the end of the day.

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That figure in the middle means, Chaos , Blood and Water.  It goes back to 2500 BC. It is a pictorial representation of a electromagnetic wave a spirit.  I know this from the ancient men of renown.

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This pictograph is called the Lam, the shepherd’s staff, to teach to bind.  The Ancient Greeks changed the pictorial image to an upside down V it is called a lamed.

Wavelength is commonly designated by the Greek letter lambda (λ). … Assuming a sinusoidal wave moving at a fixed wave speed, wavelength is inversely proportional to frequency of the wavewaves with higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths, and lower frequencies have longer wavelengths.

pho·ton (fō′tŏn′)

The smallest unit of light or other electromagnetic energy, having no mass and no electric charge. Photons behave both as particles and waves.
So when you tell me that I do not believe in god then you are correct on that aspect.
My Father has been here way before the Wizards of Oz showed up with there worry beads.
As it states the from the men of renown in the ancient lands we are to heal the lamed and the blind and the crippled to restore Creation.
Me I am a King who likes gardening to restore Creation the Daughters the heirs to their Father.

Something to Become like Us

Better than “Nothing”

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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  1. Father it is Quantum Light which is an electromagnetic radiation – radiates life in all directions, no medium to transfer energy, His light can come right through us, Would His words be compared to visible light?


  2. I love this post, I was just reading the Reverse Universe again. Because you said the electrons is what holds everything together. It almost sounds like the same description as bosons, which hold everything together. Reading into the words more. 🙂


    1. The Burning Bush is an idiomatic expression when the heartbeat of Creation quicken’s and the Mountains peaks quivers and she stands up in the fires of Her Creation. To give light to the Darkness she was born in.

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