666 Yernasia Quorelios of the Big Penis 666

Something to Become like Jorge Quorelios

Wisdom comes from the silence of the Queens

Knowledge comes from the King’s

Relationship Insights Yernasia Quorelios of the Big Penis

♧ You ASS U ME MAKING AN ASS OUT OF U AND ME “Sir” 😠 ; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that I AM as You with a Penis so such a SHAME!!! that You ASSUME I AM a “Lady” “Sir”, I Fear for Your Children 😔

This is a learning experience of idiots to stay away from.  Jorge of the Grande Penis wrote this little comment on one of my blog posts. To exert his little control over his own world.

One if you look at his title, he is into Relationship Insights how to take control of the situation.

Two if you notice his last statement, he assumes I have children.  It is no bodies business whether or not I have children.

For clarification Jorge of the Grande Penis my children are older than your little pinky.

All this guy did was got offended by something I said.  He reacted by giving me a Military Aptitude Test.

A typical Aptitude test they give you two pictures; A, is a picture of a Rifle and B, is a picture of a Penis.

The object is to correctly identify which one is the Rifle.  It is assumed that you know what a Penis is.

From Life Experience Jorge of the Grande Penis;

By age 5 I knew what a Penis was by age 7 I knew how to shoot it.

By age 9 I knew what a Rifle was and how to shoot it.

By age 12 I had a Benefactor like you come and armed my penis with his hands and shoot it.

My advice to you Jorge of the Grande Penis is to put your hands in your pockets and play pocket billiards all day to make sure you are a heterosexual.  I think you to had a Benefactor at a young age.

The reason I bring this little worm into the light because he is going to take upon himself to answer my blogs in terms of endearment.  So when you young readers see this kind of vermin and his comments.

They do not reflect the facts of this blog site.  This is one of the dangers of being on the internet.

So for Jorge Grande of the Penis.  You just called judgement down on your own head.  You are what we call in Texas a Peckerhead.  It is people like you with relationship insights that I clue the young ladies about.

You need to figure out the relationship between a Rifle and your Penis because you are confused.

I scored high on the Military Aptitude Test; I did not become a Grunt like you.  You live-in low-income housing in the manhood.

Jorge Grande of Penis/Relationship Insights/ Inc.

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting PeckerHeads

A Texas Rattlesnake

Image result for image upside down t

Yernasia Quorelios

Image result for image of a nail

Image result for image t

An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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  1. ♡ I AM NOT!!! Even Remotely “Offended” EveryOne 😆😅😄😃😂😁😀😉😊 ; just Grateful that The Truth is Presenting itself…yes, it is Minor Manipulation with White Lies; yet it takes a Lie to Expose a Liar who THINKS!!! They Are Telling The Truth…I Wish You ALL Well and Hold Space for Your Healing; just as I Held Space for My Healing with Much Loving Support



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