777 Fitting a Square into a Circle for my Little 14 yr old S=k Log W Entropy 777

Fathers reproduce after their own kind, the Daughters and Sons they Send the Kings to Return their Daughters to Become Beautiful Queens of a  New World free of Chaos and Confusion.

Genesis of a Beautiful Queen dressed in White Robes of the dust of Diamonds beyond the Stars in the Vacuum of Time and Space to meet their Father.  Came from the Oceans of Time to walk with the Kings standing above the Stars where their Father waits with open Arms.

Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom of the Kings

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In the beginning he created the heavens and earth

and the earth she became chaos and vacancy and darkness and the spirit vibrating over the faces of the waters

These words come from a very old manuscript thousands of years ago.  Take any one your religions the major ones and try to identify the lower case he and the lower case she.  he is god then she becomes Jesus., allah is god then Muhammad is a she.  Try anyone of the other religions and their gods.  This is the other woman.

Fathers send the Kings and Queens to their Daughters to return their Creation to their Father

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


23 thoughts on “777 Fitting a Square into a Circle for my Little 14 yr old S=k Log W Entropy 777

    1. Ask your other half how to fit God and Jesus into he and the other one will be she. Islam can’t even pull that off. I am waiting to see what my 14 yr has to say.


    1. he is male she is female , you forgot I showed you this a couple of months ago. You can’t fit gods into the Birth Canal of Creation the Womb.


    1. he and she, We come the loins of our Fathers and the Womb of our Mothers and the gods bruise the thighs of the Birth Canal of Creation.


  1. It was the hands of a Man who bruised the thighs of My Fathers Creation. He pulled me into darkness and taught me how to taste his blood and taught me how to drink it.


    1. That is quite correct. Rev. 16 or 17? Who wrote that I don’t even know the book of Revelation the scribes did not see the image behind the Woman. Man who is a snake.


  2. You take the God of Christianity and lower case it. That would mean that my Father still stands taller them he does. And that would still make Jesus a she. Works with any god or gods, pick one.


    1. I figured it out you haven’t tasted death yet there are 6 micro states you haven’t hit bottom yet. Because you made the statement one time, common person.


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