777 Allah Sunni/Sufi Philialic Images S=k Log W Entropy 777

Fathers reproduce after their own kind, the Daughters and Sons they Send the Kings to Return their Daughters to Become Beautiful Queens of a  New World free of Chaos and Confusion.

Genesis of a Beautiful Queen dressed in White Robes of the dust of Diamonds beyond the Stars in the Vacuum of Time and Space to meet their Father.  Came from the Oceans of Time to walk with the Kings standing above the Stars where their Father waits with open Arms.

Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom of the Kings

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4th Dimension Relativity  3 Spatial Dimensions

Thermodynamics Statistical Mechanics of God Philiac Images of Reproduction of the Birth Canal of Creation.  The Entropy of Belief in God or Gods.  They created us the same from Eco of the Horizons.

Carnot heat engine 2.svg

The Heat of the Burning Bush turns cold over time and returns to a state of Cold.  Thermodynamics of Heat transfer.

Gods do not exist in molecular structures, gases microstates.  Only in particles of thoughts that have 6 micro static states on their own.  From one Event they travel in Elliptical Orbits decaying over time returning to their original state Darkness chaotic and confusion the Entropy of Philiac God or Gods

The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of an isolated system never decreases over time. Such systems spontaneously evolve towards thermodynamic equilibrium, the state with maximum entropy. Non-isolated systems may lose entropy, provided their environment entropy increases by at least that amount so that the total entropy increases. Entropy is a function of the state of the system, so the change in entropy of a system is determined by its initial and final states.

Belief in Allah or Gods made of rock, brass or wood, divine imaginations you will reproduce after your own kind the Philiac Images of God or Gods that ripped the Mathematical tightness of the Birth Canal in the Laws of Nature destroying the Natural Order of Your Creation.

S=k Log W,  the Entropy of Death, 6 micro static states of 3 Trimesters of Spiritual Death returning you to your original conception in the Womb of Darkness of Creation.  Quantum States 3 Fields 3 Outcomes the Cycle of Time and Space in Motion.

Allah or God or whatever only destroy the lands they live in and the lives of their Daughters live in squalid conditions.  Nothing Spiritual about that marrying 9 yr old females.

Fathers send the Kings and Queens to their Daughters to return their Creation to their Father

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Queens


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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


27 thoughts on “777 Allah Sunni/Sufi Philialic Images S=k Log W Entropy 777

  1. Sounds good. Thought I would throw in Allah because a school of thought in Pakistan is following me. I do not like any God, Allah they are morphodite in Nature and their Creation the world becomes a slum area. A playground for the well off and everyone else suffers. I walk a thin line , Timespace moves matter, matter moves Timespace.


    1. Monotheism believes in one All Powerful God, Islam and Christianity are both Monotheistic. That is where in Christianity they say God and in Islam they say Allah. Nether are the Fathers of Creation our there countries would not be like slum areas. They would quit raping the children and fighting useless wars over the ideology of their gods.


    1. Theism are compound words. Polytheism, Monotheism, Racism they all produce spiritual death. The women and children suffer.


    1. The difference, I am not of the Abrahamic thought that is just a waystation a trail I followed into the wilderness to find my Father. My Genesis of my Creation from the Womb of my Mother from the Loins of My Father who raised up a King.

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    1. One a powerful God, the Middle East, Europe and America they are all falling fighting each other. Evolution of spiritual deities die. Creations of Fathers and Mothers, Kings and Queens never die. They acceleratie past the stars into elliptical orbits new worlds of energy and mass with a Spiritual body.


  2. That video talked about the one missing piece of the puzzle. They are trying to find it, they will not find it, the missing piece is the Father, they are looking in the wrong place. The ultimate source of order, low entropy, must be the very beginning of the universe. It is right in front of them.


  3. I believe in Molarity but not the existence of other gods, Christian or Islam or the other gods of mans design. The Catholic Church came up with Nicene Creed somewhere around the 3rd Century AD. Allah reared its head by a man Mohammed around 682 AD. To unify the Arab Peninsula.


    1. The Catholic came up with it to intitutinalize marriage to the Church and performed by the Church. Mainline Christianity does the same thing and they all fight each other.


  4. I was looking up more meaning to the word, what a mess of definitions, it was talking trinity again and god the son. No wonder they all fight each other.


    1. he created the heavens and earth, she was in chaos and confusion, old manuscript ancient semitics. Can you identify the he and the she. It can’t be God that would Jesus a she. It can,t be Allah that would make Mohmand a she.
      he and she are lower case. Try it with the other religions and their gods you cannot make a square fit in a round hole.


    1. The other Woman after the 7th day became the 8th day the Women of the World mens religions gods on both sides of Mountain ranges. I come from the valley between those Mountains in the wilderness, 8000 BC. One Mother had two daughters remember another door just opened.


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