777 Two Events in Life One is Real the Other is Gone 777

Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom

 I now stand as a King above, Your Eyes, watching your Creation ,  Exteriority in the Crystal Mountain Air and watching over your Creation.  With My Father standing above Me above You and Your Creation, your Sexuality as a Woman.

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High Maintenance Females of Creation


Two events in life, everyone has two that stand out in the physical realm. My first love, at the age of 17, true, pure love. The one love that stays in your heart for ever as Pure.

And, raising these magnificent Shire Stallions. I felt that I was in heaven, as I worked with these beauty’s. I would spend hours just watching them, marveling at their size and how gentle they were. Created by the Father.

You get to a point in life where you can look back and see everything. And understand the purpose of it all. My younger self witnessed these events, and today, 30 some years later, they are still in my heart.

But what you see below, it is not me. It is physical, you can not see me, unless you hear me. My words, my actions, my spirit. There is 30 years between the two photos, my spirit is the same. But no one ever saw me.

two events in life   shire horses

Creation wears many faces one is the older sister the personal confidant to the younger sister. The same spirit, the body changes.

two events in life, older me

When you are looking ame, this body is not me.  My spirit is me.  I live for the Father. I live for His Will not mine. Connect with your spirit so others can see you.

Those who hear my words, don’t wait, the Father loves you, He is waiting for you to give Him your heart.

I now give myself into your hands Father, my soul, my spirit, to your lovingkindness to blot out my transgressions of kneeling before other gods that flowed like rivers from the head of one man, Adam.

Let the mist of your breath come across my face wash the dust from my eyes. Let your hands help me stand up.   So that I may stand in your presence in the opulence of your face.

I accept my responsibility because the idols of men were always before my eyes.

Cleanse me from the gods that I knelt before so I can hear your voice when you speak and your judgement is clear in my mind and heart.  You watched me from above yet you withheld judgement.

I sought your truth in my mind and you revealed your wisdom in the dark regions of my heart.

Return to your Father, Come sit with me, look deep into my eyes. What do you see? If you look deep enough, we will talk, you and I, heart to heart. You are not alone.

silhouette of geese


Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Mothers

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Image result for image t

An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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    1. It occured to me from the Ecohorizens that the god of Jesus is morphidite in Nature it can not reproduce Creation. The same with the gods of other religions. Creation is the only one that can reproduce after its own kind. Kings and Stallions Shires of great strength to help the Daughters of your Creation. Men are slow swimmers in the Nature of things. (: (: (:

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