777 Needle and Thread Fabric of Dragons From the Past 777


Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom

 I now stand as a King above, Your Eyes, watching your Creation the Exteriority in the Crystal Mountain Air and watching over your Creation.  With My Father standing above Me above You and Your Creation, your Sexuality as a Woman.

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Needlepoint Stitching patterns of Dragons into Clothes to Wear

To understand life in all its mathematical complexities.   You simply condense everything in into pairs, i.e. there are male and female, we all have Two spirits, we all have Two events that happen to us in life.  There are Two sides to our brains one logical [ common sense] and one emotional [pleasure and pain].  There are Two sides to our Hearts.  One small chamber and One large Chamber.  We all have Two Eyes and Two Ears.

There are only Two fabrics of Life in which to choose from to stitch patterns to outfit the clothes we wear every morn in the present black or white clothes.  The peripheral colors come in when we create other events.  Through no fault of our own that feed the first event that stands out in our minds.

As I have written before we all get hammered with images of a Dragon when we are younger, some around age 13.

I knew a young lady that walked around with 3 Dragons on a leash.  She never let out of her site.  All through her younger years and on into her older years.  She feeds them the missteps of her life.  Even when she was younger, she had the Dragons tested they were all Bipolar.

I never seen a Dragon that was the same as the other two Dragons they were all born at different times.  Of course they are Bipolar you become Bipolar trying to feed all them all the time.

So you stich the image of a Dragon that was born in the Pregnancy of Your Creation and you birthed a Dragon that eats you out of house, home and lays waste to Your Property lowering the real estate value of Your Real Estate.

You gather colorful twine from the Carl Jung’s, the Freudian slips, Society, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, and the Mothers of Invention religions that hang plagues of grandeur on your Bulwarks to your Castle.

Incidentally Bulwarks is a reference to your breastwork, embankment etc. there are Two and underneath are the Two Bedchambers of your Heart which exists a chasm of depth draining your energy.

So anyway you been sitting for half your Life gathering the yarn of others to stitch your 3 Dragons for other to see.  Then you turn around and Lament their Existence.

What you are experiencing is called a postmortem pregnancy a period where a Woman goes into Depression and manic episodes that last for a long time.  There can be many causes for your Spiritual Death but only one Event.

What you forgot was your First Pregnancy a puerperal period where the Event returned your reproductive organs back to their original non pregnant condition Your Real Estate.  Thereby eliminating the need to get stuck on the Elevator, going nether up or down, trying to gather yarn for your needle point work on the 3 Dragons that screwed up half your productive life.

You can either gather colorful twine from the Carl Jung’s, the Freudian slips, Society, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, and the Mothers of Invention religions that hang plagues of Grandeur on your Bulwarks to your Castle.

Or you can gather the stones of Emeralds and Topaz, Diamonds in the riverbeds of your childhood fabrics of Your Real Nature with the tales of Kings of long ago and become Pregnant, a puerperal return to your original condition.  Restoring your Reproductive Organs your Emotions to a Pristine Condition.   A Daughter of the Creation of Your Father.

Birthing a Son, that tells you that, You are,” Beautiful” that will stand one day as a King overpowering Your gods and dragons.

Stitch yarns of Dragons and they will always turn on you.  I am a Dragon Slayer, to turn the yarns of seafaring, men of ships long ago that visited your ports.  So you don’t spend your time in needlepoint stitching other animals that roam your land encroaching on your Bulworks.

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Mothers

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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


37 thoughts on “777 Needle and Thread Fabric of Dragons From the Past 777

    1. It is the First Pregnancy that always inherits the lands of your Fathers your Real Estate. The Second Pregnancy never inhierts anything but lays on the cold slabs of the Coroner’s office. The Mothers of Invention a pun indeed.


    1. I go back to the Beginning to Restore Creation. Men cannot get Pregnant they can only destroy or restore Creation. I will write about such things in the morn. I will title it the ,Mothers of Invention.


      1. I ran with the underdogs. Men only have two natures we start life as Bastards then we can end up as Kings some never stand up.


      2. It makes us who we are Kings and Queens to restore balance in the Comic Debris from the Big Bang of Creation. To have them become like us. To return Home to their Fathers of long ago before everything became a Black Hole that swallows up all light.


      3. I thought of that after I wrote it, You said once awhile ago, and it has stuck with me. Why did it have to happen? It makes us who we are is so right.


      4. We have to see death in order to beat it at it’s own game. That is why we are unique and different from others. We come from a long way from the days of the Ancients. Remember I told you that the first slave revolt was 8000 BC that I read a Cuneiform script from the Mountains were we come. from.


      5. Yes, I remember, those are powerful words, have to see death, In order to beat it. We have, I have seen it, I hit rock bottom once in my 20’s, the lowest a person can go. I remember every bit of it. Like being at the bottom of quick sand, trying to crawl out.


      6. It is time for me to go. To let the Young girls play with their jeeps and other endeavors. The Queens come on Crystal ships sailing the Comic Matrix of Time and Space to arrive on the Moonlite Tides of time. Ports of Call. Goodnight for now.


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