777 Men and Uncles Ripped your Birth Canal Shredding your Emotions 777


Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom

 I now stand as a King above, Your Eyes, watching your Creation the Exteriority in the Crystal Mountain Air and watching over your Creation.  With My Father standing above Me above You and Your Creation, your Sexuality as a Woman.

My time is coming to an end so there are things that I have to write some will understand and some will not that is the way it goes.  Cancer is spreading into my shoulders now so overtime it will get harder to write.

I was born a King and I will die a King when I close my eyes I will return to the city of my Fathers the Warrior Kings the city of Gath.  There I will stand in the CourtRoom of My Father.  I have been a Combat Soldier all my Life and I would not trade it for anything in the world.  I have no regrets, no sorrows, I have served the people with the best of my ability with what was given to me.  I have never left my post in 50 yrs.   I do not let the pains of my Life, turn my eyes, from my Duties as a Father as a Warrior King to serve others.

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You weave the events of life with a thread and needle.  It is those that are like flowers to you that you stitch into clothes of Beauty.

Sometimes I speak in the flesh and sometimes in the spirit it is only for me to know.  It is up to you to figure things out sometimes.

When you are young girls bad events happen to you.  This has been going on for thousands of years it has become a normalized behavior for Women to accept such things and you are told to keep your mouths silent to the pains and suffering inflicted at the hands of Uncles who turn into spouses.

They come and destroy your heart that lays beneath the valleys of your breasts by their touch of their hands.  It is not what they say but their touch.   Then they with their thoughts enter your Birth Canal and ripped it to shreds with the touch of their manhood.

You are left in tatters, pain and guilt shattered your heart into a million pieces. You get hammered once between the ages speaking between 10 and 20 years old.  This comes first with the Uncles then they become the spouse who turn into what you think become Kings in your life.

It is in this time frame that men, religions and society tell you that you are guilty and that such things that happened to you should be kept quiet.  All the while you are left to deal in the darkness of your heart to try and mask the pains and the suffering you are expiring out of the sight of others.

Then as young woman you think that marriage becomes a safe haven for your pains and over time you realize it does not.  The thought of men’s touching you in inappropriate ways with the ablations of religious thoughts tear into you Heart and Birth Canal both ripping your emotions to shreds.  The cycle of Life becomes painful for you.  You have been taught to shut up and that you are the property of men and their manhood with their touch.

You weave a set of clothes with a needle and thread and wear them to restore your Creation and over time you end up with this;

I lament my Existence

I am a c_nt and therefore I exist as c_nt and I will die a c_nt.

You are halfway through your life and dying inside.  I myself lament for these women and what men and religions have taught you.

To weave new clothes you as a woman have to understand your own bodies.  You reverse the touch of men and their words their thoughts.  By using your own hands to restore your Creation before the thoughts of men’s manhood enter your Birth Canal starting with your Heart that lays to the left in the valleys between the two Mountains with high teats in the Crystal air.  With your Eyes watching from the North.

To stand yourself up from the East to the West from the ground you have been laying in.

You start your journey there to restore your Creation and move to the South past the vast plains to the lushness of the Forests and shrubbery to restore the waters that flow from the Birth Canal to irrigate your emotions, like a burning bush, rivers of life.  To irrigate, the dryness, the skin of deserts.   Like touching hot sands that inflame the emotions of your thoughts.

You take your touch as a Woman to teach your boyfriend or marriage partner the way you want to be touched before you accept his manhood in your Birth Canal.

Life is in two realms and two realms only.  We either teach others by life experience or we mimic the words and images of thoughts from others that have authority over you.  Prince’s that ride the Black Stallions of the Uncles.

So for the young Woman you can tell Men how to love you to touch you from life experience your own.  Before they enter your Birth Canal with their manhood.  You put your foot down on their head and bruise their heels.

Or you can succumb to the thoughts and touch of men who become your Uncles.

Men are the gardeners to your Creation.  You are not the maidservant to their desires their manhood.  You stand with your Father who made you the helpmeet of His Creation the sons and daughters.

Sons inherit the lands of your Creation.  You have to tell them how to inherit your Kingdom. By saying No before his manhood does more damage to your emotions.

You weave the clothes of a Queen with all the trappings, jewelry, perfumes, nail and toe polish.  Clothes of white raiment.  Using a needle and thread to weave yourself in a Beautiful Woman of your own Creation with your Personal Touch in the Bedchambers of your Heart.

Men and Uncles will fade from memory over time and a King will tend to the affairs of Your Kingdom of Your Creation.

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

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  1. The Circle of Life, to know where you come from, why you were Made. The hands of men can not touch you anymore when you know the truth. The Kings on White Stallions, the strength of my Fathers Words.


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