777 Words Have their Own Sexuality Body, Soul and Spirit 777


Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom

 I now stand as a King above, Your Eyes, watching your Creation the Exteriority in the Crystal Mountain Air and watching over your Creation.  With My Father standing above Me above You and Your Creation, your Sexuality as a Woman.

I am just a Messenger from my Father, as a Emissary as a King who Became a Father riding the White Stallion out of the Clouds.  To take your hands and walk into the Mountains with No Names, Twin Peaks where the Sun never sets.  Walking you back into your Creation from the Evolutionary thoughts and images of Men

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Words have their own Sexual Intercourse with Your Mind they will bind You like a Rope. Either you breathe or you die by the Words you speak.  There is a difference between the Sexuality of the thoughts of Your Creation and the thoughts of the Evolutionary thoughts, words, of Men who make you Maidservants out of their thoughts.  Images are like ropes that wrap around your torso. They bind you with life or it takes your life.  A sword cuts both ways and it always comes to a point.

Words convey thoughts of spiritual images vehicles that run in the light or darkness, images, within a female’s mind and it weighs in their Heart the Seat of Her Emotions.

Words have their own mass, body, sexuality, male or female that travel within delimited boundaries of space and time.   Layman’s terms words pass from the Spiritual world to you the Physical realm to your Eyes and Ears passed down to your Heart.  When you mimic them back to others.  Your birthing the seeds, images of men,  planted in your Womb like a baby  you give it Life it breathes and you nourish it from your Breasts to sustain it.  You close your eyes to Your Creation, your Body and become the Evolution of men’s words they will bind you like ropes until you suffocate to death in your Spiritual Sexuality of Your Creation.

The Birth Canal is narrow if you do not tell the Man of such things before he enters you with his thoughts.  He will hurt you and plant his seeds his thoughts, in your Womb, to grow like leavened bread in the darkness.  The pains of labour and birthing will be painful the rest of your life.

You speak words like C_nt then you will die like a C_nt.  You are riding on the Black Stallions that roam your lands devastating you.  Denuding your Creation.  You control your own Evolution, you either die or live by the sword it all comes to a point.

Kings riding White Stallions restore your Creation by telling you that, Daughters of my Creation, Your Beautiful, I am Proud of You, letting that birth in your Womb to rebirthing you as a Woman. Your Fathers sent the Kings to restore Creation before men entered your birth canal and hurt you.

Men don,t tell you who you are.  It takes the Kings to step in between men and your Creation as a Female.

You Birth words of dirt in your Womb and you will die in the dirt when it comes into the light of day. To rule over you.  You will call judgement on your own head and others once you speak it into existence.

Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Mothers

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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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  1. And the story it told of the river that flowed, made me sad that it was dead. The words from the song. The heart dies when the rivers of life are crushed by words. Replace the negative with, beautiful, proud, strength.


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