777 Daughter to a Woman to a Daughter777

Knowledge comes from the silence of Wisdom

 I now stand above the  High Exteriorities in the Crystal Mountains Air and watch over My Creation.  With My Father standing above Me.

I am just a Messenger from my Father, came to Her as a Emissary as a King who Became a Father riding the White Stallion out of the Clouds.  Took Her back into the Mountains with No Names, Twin Peaks where the Sun never sets.  She walked back into Her Creation

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Born A Daughter Rebirth a Woman Rebirth to a Daughter


Day 3 – 4 of creation of a Daughter that is reborn into a Woman who becomes a Mom. I am now healed, my body, mind and spirit. I can look back on the journey, to see why everything happened the way it did. With no sorrow or pain.

I read many post throughout the day. I came across a post from a strong woman, talking about the meaning of the word NO. She ended her post with this ” No Means No”.

Know the power of yourself as a Woman, the power to say NO, Your spirit and body are yours, no man owns you. I don’t care if he is your boyfriend, finance, whatever. Being in a relationship does NOT mean he owns you. Women are made with power and strength, and once you realize that, no one is going to put you down. Never take second place.

A few months ago, when I was in deep despair, and the darkness surrounded me. I sat quietly one day as I heard a whisper from far away. A voice from the mountains came onto me. And this is what I heard as He spoke to me.

day 3 - 4 of creation Sunset of Lake Edited with Photoshop

Day 3

He put the spirits of the females under the heavens and gathered them into one place the worlds the lands they were born into and so it appeared in their eyes while they were still children and so it was.

I saw in visions the Woman standing and she brought life to all around her like a blade of grass.  The fruit trees yielding fruit like a peach tree each Woman after her own kind.  Some are grapes vines some are Olive trees all bear fruit and give life each after its own kind.  I knew that was so.

This is what I saw on the evening and the morning of the Third Day

day 3 - 4 of creation

Day 4

He divided the spirits of the Woman from the spirits of the altars of the dogs.  Let it be sign for the daughters as the changing season, days and years in the generations to come.

The spirit of the Woman, I see standing before my eyes gives light unto her world each after its own kind.

The Woman I see gives birth to her daughters, She rules the day and the daughters rule the night giving light for all to see.  Each after its own kind to subdue the dogs like the stars in the heavens.  To protect her daughters.

This is what I saw on the evening and the morning of the Fourth Day


Black Nights by Ron Thomas – Interpreting Creation

A Texas Rattlesnake

A Mom  Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.


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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Women

Become Mothers

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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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