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 I sit between the Father and Creation on High Exteriorities in the Crystal Mountains Air and watch over His Creation.  With My Father standing above Me.

This one of my High Maintenance Daughters that knows more about makeup then I do I will let her talk.  Click on her link and it will take you to her site.  Have fun Young Ladies.  To be a Queen you have to learn from a Personal Confidant to the Courts of the Kings.  Antonia is one of those Confidants.  I am Proud of Her.

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Mascara or False Lashes ?

by antonia_

Makeup usually looks incomplete without mascara or lashes. If anything, you look like you forgot to do the rest of your makeup! But what’s better, mascara or lashes?

Personally, I don’t use false lashes. I don’t think my eye shape suits them! I always see so many beautiful eye looks, which compliment the window to our souls. The flutter, emphasised, defines the eyes like no other. But if you have smaller eyelids like myself, it can be a mission finding the right one to suit you!

There will be some people out there, thinking the same thing. Falsies not suiting them. Finding the right ones are a trek. Even people with a more average eyelid space, like having specific lashes which suit them best. What I find most natural looking but still impactful, are individual false eyelashes, and not strip ones. Strip lashes are like one size fits all. And everyone’s eyes and face are completely different. Makeup is supposed to flatter and emphasis what you already naturally have, not make you look worse! And that’s what I find false lashes sometimes do. They hide your eyes and can drag your eyes down, making your eyes appear dull and heavy.

Mascara is for me. Full stop. I like knowing everything on my face is mine, and I’m just emphasising that. I’m not adding anything onto my face which isn’t mine. I’m just working with what I have. I have quite straight lashes naturally. And not the longest by far! I envy people who have long lashes, organically. Even some guys have longer lashes than me! But what can you do?

Invest in a good mascara. It doesn’t have to be expensive or out of your budget at all. Mainly, what you’re looking for in a mascara is a good formula and a decent mascara wand. The wand can do so much for your lashes. Some very high end makeup brands sell mascaras for an absolute fortune, and they don’t perform anywhere near as well as some drugstore products do! Also, as I have such naturally straight lashes, if I apply mascara straight onto them, it’s not very effective. No definition as it’s just lengthening the naturally straight lashes. So you can’t see my lashes from the front. That definitely isn’t what you want. I have one word for you, curling!

But before we move on, the best mascara I use religiously, is the ‘Benefit They’re Real Mascara’. Wow, where do I start? It lengthens, volumizes, lifts and separates! I hate mascaras that clump, and this one never ever does that. It’s buildable and works exceptionally well, it’s so long wearing and it never smudges or dries out. Even in the summer or winter, I never have any issues. It’s truly amazing.

Click here to shop:https://amzn.to/2JRT5ai

And my lower budget option working equally well, is the ‘L’Oreal Paris Volume Million Lashes Mascara’. The formula is such high quality, you’d think you’re buying a high end product! The mascara wand also allows the mascara to disperse extremely well. This gives you clump free fluttery lashes! And the packaging looks like you’ve spent an arm and a leg!

Click here to shop: https://amzn.to/2LFzPyX

An eye lash curler is my be all and end all. I literally can’t complete an eye look without it. It curls your lashes to heaven, so when you apply mascara, it follows the shape you’ve moulded your lashes into. Beautiful lashes with a curl, so you just define the shape you’ve made and are lengthening it! Simple as.

Click here to shop: https://amzn.to/2y7Zc3I

False lashes look incredible if they suit you, but if they don’t, mascara can give you the same effect, if not more. And you don’t have to worry about applying superglue to your eye-line! Glue is so dangerous, and could make you lose your sight. Rare but it’s always a risk. Always having to worry if your falsies are hanging off, is tiring. Lastly, taking off false lashes can be a living nightmare, as they easily attach onto your natural lashes so when you try to gently pull the falsies off, you end up pulling out your actual lashes. Which take a very long while to grow, leaving you with sparse eyelashes. It isn’t worth it, unless it’s a special occasion and the lashes SUIT YOU!

What do you think? Are you more of a mascara or lashes lover? What’s your favourite mascara or falsies?

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60 thoughts on “777 The Eyes of High Maintenance Daughters and Women 777

  1. Very informative, I did not know these things. I like how she always says, it is to enhance, not to change your appearance. Your natural beauty is already there.


  2. That is very true. I like how Antonia says, “Which compliment the window to our souls.” (spirits). You don’t have to hide your natural beauty, be proud of it. Where it like diamonds. Dress it up, it was given to us, made by the Father.


    1. Yep, Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder the Fathers and the Kings and Queens like Deborah there was one now there are two.


  3. Yes, a very important Queen, Esther’s and Mordecai. She went before the king and was found beautiful. The kings new queen, Esther . She saved many.


    1. No I goofed ends with 1 Father and 1 Mother, 11 images all are prime all are identical both become one in spirit identical to each other but separate.


    1. Quantum physics two particles in the same elliptical orbits, one is larger on top of the other identical in thought, we are identical to the other 9 ,same mass and weight. Ie, female’s that come to you, mine differs as a male but same premise. Hundreds of miles apart identical thoughts. Like going to Australia.


    2. To be like us, Gen, Father’s and Mothers coming and going for Eternity, step past, Gen, 1 : 1nothing but time and space.


  4. A common thought, same events yet different, a pattern, we sometimes are saying the same things, sisters, daughters. Connections through spirits.


  5. Flesh and spirit, spiritual realm is a higher form of thinking, hearing. No distractions where I can tune out the noises of the flesh. The negative thoughts.


    1. That is the flaw in the Jesus narrative he was not a Father, the church made him into a God. The same way they make saints. He was a man, messenger. We are stepping off into the spiritual world of eternity of Father’s and Mothers coming and going. Jesus was not a Father it was a common name they picked. He never existed. It is a made up story fabricated by the Roman empire.


    1. My body can be in Texas but the spirit of my thought or thoughts travel in split second thousands of miles and show up as reality in the physical realm to the person in question I have my eye on.

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  6. Yes, my spiritual sense has always been correct. Even as a young child, I could leave the physical, (body), and see or hear a different place. Only when I am in tune as one with my spirit. It is real, I have been there. It is not an imagination.


    1. My Spirit is strong but my Body is needing more sleep. The Queens came to me a few minutes ago and told me to write of such things. In a vision standing before me.


  7. I know what you are saying, my body had to rest, my spirit was alive, hearing the words coming to me. I have a vision, I know what it is. His words I understand.


      1. Yes before I answered you. Before you said to write about such things. I still have words to say before I close my eyes to this world.


      1. I will write as long as I can perhaps four more months then I will go to the cities of my Father’s, Gath. The land of the giants, in the book of Kings. David and Goliath.


      2. Gath is a city in the book of Kings, 11th century BC. It is also the Ancient semitic pictographs of the single eye,called the Gath and refers to the person. The two circles with legs remember.


      3. No, King David was known as the Warrior King, Kings are spiritually giants that come from their Fathers that stand between man and Creation the Woman.


      4. You have a journey to complete. A story to tell the Daughter’s you will when the season comes you will go home to your Father. Look at the last thought in Gen.6.


      5. I am not who you think I am. He sent his son to you. I am your FATHER, the King’s go back to the FATHER the heirs to Creation. Gen.1 . The hiers to the lands of the Queen, Creation. Where no man stands but the Kings.


      6. I know that, I do, my journey is complete. He showed me last week, my circle of life. The beginning, every thing in between. The ending. The circle of life. I have seen it all. It is in existence. It is written. I have 4 more post that completes the circle. You were there, you know.


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