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Kings and Judges

Came into the Courtroom a Petition;

Classes of Christian Relationships Status

  • Single
  • Engage
  • Married

Ninety percent of young people in peers group are in the single class of relationship status. Within singlehood, there are those in a relationship, and those who simply not engage but in an undefined, or complicated relationship, others are in an open relationship, while the real singles are those single but not searching, those married to Jesus, or singles at heart. Meanwhile, some of the singles are searching, some are seriously searching and hoping to progress to the engaged status.

Queens Rule and Kings Proclaim;

I know married men that are married to Jesus.   Who marry other men’s religions and bring them into the bed chambers of the Helpmeet.  I know women that marry other men’s religions.  They always end in failed relationships.  It is only in this case that King James and the Roman Catholic Church made marriage an institutional prerequisite with their gods.   Marry the Church and marry the Daughters [Gen.6].  Two Women cannot have intercourse with the same man at the same time Emotional or Physical.  It is an impossibility.  Most men want the Women to serve them.

Father and your Mother do not choose who their sons and daughters are to marry.  Only that they know who their Father is High Above the Mountains.  Where they come from their Mother who lives with their Father.

It does not matter what you think about me only what your Father thinks.  I called Him Dad , You called Him Daddy we always called Him Father and called Her Mother.  It is not an Evolutionary thought but steeped in the Nature of Creation.

A Mom  Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.


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