Son of a Man There are Two Women, One Mother and Two Daughters


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Son of a man There are Two Women,

The First Woman who has the Authority of Her Father

*I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman 

When we get hammered in life there are always two events that stand up in the darkness in two worlds, two in the physical realm and two in the spiritual realm.  Breathe life with in the cusps of your little hands to bring them together to your Mind, Body and Spirit.  There You will find Him immortality of Love or you will Die forever

The Second Woman who has the Authority of a King

*I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman 

Son There are Two Women,

  • Son of a man, these are the Women you Love i.e.; JUDAISM/ CHRISTIANITY/ ISLAM/ HINDUISM/ BUDDHISM/ SIKHISM/ANIMISM.

Your Fathers and the Kings wrote to you these things from the days of the Ancients from the Mountains of No Names.  You bring the other Women into my Daughters Bedchambers I will destroy you.  It has been written by the Kings of the Ancients and there Fathers spoken from Me.

You serve One Woman but you Love the Woman and the Man.  Where there are three there I AM between the Woman and the Man.

To those who lost their Souls, lost their conscience, Male or Female, you’re dead anyway.

I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman

One Daughter two choices, Who do you sleep with? Who do you Serve?

It does not matter what you think about me only what you think about yourself.

A Mom  Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.

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 Beautiful Daughters 

Become Mothers

Become a Woman

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