I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman



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*I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman 

What you see in the title is a Woman’s Creation the present being the Daughter to the right she returns to Her Mothers Womb then returns to the present i.e., July 23, 2019.  Once She makes that trip she then goes on into Eternity as a Daughter to some as Mother to some as a Woman to some.

In the present are two Daughters you just can’t see them but they are what are called Fraternal Twins they are identical to each other in every aspect of their nature, body and spirit, the only real difference is one is the eldest sister, call her Sandra, the youngest sister is called Rachel.   Could be anybody’s name.

What is a Fraternal Twin?

First, we have to look at the Greek word for sperm which means seed.  The male sperm reaches the Ovum and splits into two sub cellular structures then you have two eggs.  Now you have two Fraternal Twins one is born first the oldest then the other is born the youngest.

So you have two Daughters different ages in the center, the oldest is 58 and the youngest is 16 years behind her.  The oldest Daughter age wise could be around 35 just for sake of argument.

It is a well know fact that as you have just seen males have two seeds, in Philosophy that would boil down to the seed of Good and a seed of Evil the male.  In Philosophy Woman’s Creation has a Body, Womb and a Birth Canal.   It is Her Spirit and Life her identity from her Parents.

There is an old saying there were two daughters who became a Mother who became a Woman.  It goes back thousands of years when oral language was the norm.

To explain two Daughters that are Fraternal, Identical we look at the life of the Eldest Daughter Sandra.  Without going into a lot of details she got hammered between the ages of 10 to 20.  Then a lot of relationships over the years to land in the present age 58 or it could be around 35 it makes no difference in age.  The Laws of Creation stays the same.  Young ladies get hammered than half their lives are in darkness.

I told Her one day to look in the mirror and She would see Her younger sister Rachel.  She finally paid heed and traveled back into her past.  She found an event that stood out as a beacon of light.  In the middle of getting hammered there was a time that she remember taking care of Black and White Stallions, Shires, She took care of them as if they were Her babies.  I told Her to bring Rachel back from the past and become one with Her.  She did now her named change to Sarah; she still has the name Rachel.  Sandra died many months ago and is a distant memory.  Sarah will go on and disappear into Creation.

You can sit there and get hammered in the present young ladies or you walk back into the Darkness and bring back your sister.  Or you can grow old and bitter.

I got a question tonight from a young man who threw the King James at me.  It says Jesus died for the sins of men.  I told him to ask his spouse,” What sins of man did she die for”?   As most of you know I do not care for any religion.  Because they all distort the Creation the Womb of their Mother.

I could ask the man in any of the religions of the world, “Ask your wife what sins she died for at the hands of men?” Ask your girlfriend the same question.

Three Kings will come one is not named, 3 Fathers will come before your Father comes and stands beside you.   Before the husbandman comes to you.

Find your younger sister and become one is in darkness and one is in light.  Both are in the present both are Eternal one dies and one lives.

I separate the darkness he called to the Light my Father called.  Kings who became Fathers have the authority to tell you these things.  Whether you listen or not is not my deal but yours.  You either live or die at your hands from the hands of the male child.

I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman

One Daughter two choices,

It does not matter what you think about me only what you think about yourself.

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5 thoughts on “I am a Woman I am a Mother 777 Daughter 777 I am a Mother I am a Woman

  1. The Father spoke to me this morning, and revealed the flesh and the spirit to me. He said these words, Do Not Fear, I’ve Got you. I know who I am.


    1. He never left you. You went to sleep for a while and they sent a King to you. To turn you from a Daughter into a Woman in the courts of the Kings.


  2. That was revealed to me this morning, it was always there. He brought me to the land of my Fathers, to sit quietly and talk to Him, to look eye to eye, so I could see and hear Him. I have no Fear.


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