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I got into a squabble with the local City Council over flood control zones dealing with residential areas.  I bought property in a flood zone, years ago,  and it was not stipulated in the contract.  The clique answer was, well my Father left it out and His Father did the same thing, “Let the Buyer Beware”.  As the song states, “Your Flirting with Disaster”.

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As a Father I have built a lot of racing machines over the years.  I have life experience maximizing Emotional output with safeguards in place i.e.,

When you are dealing with Highly Emotionally charged engines.  Like putting a blower motor on top of a High-Performance Engines you put two straps around the Blower to keep it from flying apart upon ignition running down the strip.

You add Nitro to the mix and the levels of Emotional output becomes a volatile mixture you run 2 more straps down along the engine to the framework of the Body.  At the end of the quarter mile you shut the engine off and the Emotional Engine becomes cold and hard to start.  You then are going to have to look at the blueprints and figure out.  How do I light the engine to achieve the same results, output, or do I build another Engine changing the variables.?  Tweaking Your Emotional Output, maximum performance levels to a finely tuned Woman.

First thing you have to do is look at the Thermodynamics of Heat Transfer i.e.,

You light a fire with the proper combustible materials and the right primer.  The engine comes alive and purrs for a while.  Then over time your Emotional output reach their peak and the thrill starts to dwindle.  Your expenditure of your efforts starts to decay.

The Emotionally Charged Engine starts to lug, turning cold.  I have seen this in marriages and relationships for over 50yrs.

This is the essence of Climate Control.  The difference being the Earth’s engine is controlled by the Laws of Nature which you cannot control.  The weather will go into 3 Quantum states, Fire/ Cold/ both become a Liquid state, Fire or Ice.  You cannot Climate Control the Earth’s engine it is Highly Complex.  You will never control the Climate.  Man lies to you, hell, they lie to you all the time you get down to it.

In Highly Emotional Charge Women you have to achieve an Thermodynamic Equilibrium for her Engine to run smoothly.  Instead of making the engine out of Iron which decays.  You build it out of Diamonds and strap it down with the facets of the dust.  You overlay the diamonds on her body with 4 straps to keep her from Blowing apart going down the strip.

How do you achieve a Thermodynamic Equilibrium balance between being to hot or too cold.  A engine that constantly purrs is less likely to wear out over time.   You reverse the polarity of two poles and have bring them into the center of the city.   Instead of looking at a vertical line up is down and down is up.  You center the thought on a vertical table left becomes right and right becomes left.

You reverse the thought from Climate Control to,” How to Control my Climate to keep my Engine purring? It would cost too much to put in new pistons and rings and blower motors or fuel additives.  Then you would have to use aftermarket straps which have no validity for endurance to keep your Emotions in check.   You are looking for the long haul.

First thing you do is to do an assessment, is the young man doing what His fathers did and his fathers did.  You do not want to live in a floodplain of Emotional responses.    Is he telling me that I am weak and he is the only one that can save me?

Is he going to bring the other woman in bed with me, religions.  I would tell you never bring the other woman in bed with you.  You engine will turn cold going down the strip at high speeds.  Then you will have to put in fuel additives to the mix to keep the same high levels of Emotional Energy.

So now you want to build your Emotional Engine in tip top condition.  Make a list and asked the following questions;

  1. Who do you Serve? Me and my Babies or My Babies and then Me?

If he does not answer your babies, he missed the first question.

  1. Who is the Head of the Household? Me or You.

If he answered in the affirmative, Me, he missed the second question.

  1. Why do feel the need to put a Blower Motor on top of my engine?

Watch his eyes if they dart to one side or the other, he will give the answer.  A Blower motor is expensive and will lose its power overtime.  Besides you find it disgusting.

  1. Have you ever deceived a Woman? Watch his eyes they will dart to one side or the other.

Then ask him to explain his answer.  What did you do to correct the situation?  If he does not assume responsibility for his role and plays the victim card.  You could be his next victim.

  1. Is sex important to you? How so?
  2. If sex is important to you then Loving me takes second place. I do not like being in Second place.  I am a Diamond not a piece of wood.
  3. Explain to me what you think Love is? They cannot answer this question without throwing in what society tells them or what their fathers told them or the what the other woman told them.
  4. How do you propose to Love me and my babies for the rest of your life?

At this point you take the bull by the horns and explain to him.  Turning the tables, I will teach you how to Love me, how to touch me, how to court me for the rest of my Life.  If you cannot agree to those terms then go to the other women.

I am unique, I am different, I am an High-Performance Engine of Emotional responses You cannot change who I am but I can change who you are.  Your fathers taught you nothing except what the other Woman was like.  I am not that other Woman.

Before/ Daughters/ Play they have to adjust the Climate Controls to achieve maximum output that is within their nature, Love to give to all in the family unit.

Men want to foreplay to Control your Climate.  They can no more control the earth’s climate.  You Control their Climate to balance yours or you will decay over time by adding to many fuel additives to you Engine.

Love sometimes resides in the imaginations of High Performance Women.

Or you could follow the herd ie,

Democrats’ Equality Act will Force Women to Wax Transgender Testicles.

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