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Thoughts are like incense perfumes that surround us. The taste of  Peppermints.  They have a coolness on our tongues and titillate the senses with fire.  How do we no which thoughts taste good and which thoughts although they seem to taste good are harmful to us?

We need to have an metric to use with household materials laying around.  Look under the Kitchen Sink and look for the thought cleaner, Common Sense.  Also if you have some 409 Cleaner with Bleach to clean up those stains on the surface of the thought so you have clean surface to work with,

Let’s look at the Word, Peppermint and Incense, with the the ending result is you want the Peace Sign to Shine.

Peppermint is a compound word ie, Pepper exists in one thought and Mint exists in another thought.

By use of the conjunction, And, the two thoughts are joined together in a marriage contract and produce a sweet smell, Incense which produces the offspring, a son, Peace to shine in your eyes like a Baby which grows in the Womb of its Creation.

Pepper produces thermal energy of heat. Where as Mint gives a Thermodynamic Equilibrium to the the thought and the outcome will smell like the fragrances of Roses in your senses.  A calming effect in your Temples the center of the City your Heart.

Thoughts are seen with the Eyes before you hear them Speak to you.  In the Laws of Nature you cannot reverse that process.  That is an absolute, you see the image of that thought before you construct the image and then you hear it speak to you.  It happens in milliseconds. Then you tell others what you just saw.  Usually using preconceived constructs of those you hear around you.  You cut out the middleman your Heart, consumed the thought and it went to your stomach where it turned sour.  Tasted sweet going down but it gives your heartburn.

Using a word like Depression.  Clean the word up so your Eyes can see what it means. Using household cleaners, Common sense and 409 with bleach in it.  Depression is on fire in your thoughts and all you have done is cool it down a little using a mint to make it smell good to produce a puedo peace in the center of your city.  Where nobody lives just you and the thought you married to.  Masking the situation.

You wanted a  monogamous relationship but you ended up in a poly monogamous relationships with other sons and men.  Because you did not look under the rock to see what lurking in the darkness.

What you would find is a whole list of male king’s ie, feelings of severe despondency and dejection.  Then they all have sons ie, melancholymiserysadnessunhappinesssorrowwoegloom, gloominess, dejection, downheartedness, despondency, dispiritedness, low spirits, heavy heartedness, moroseness, discouragement , despairdesolation, dolefulness, moodiness, pessimismhopelessness.

Now you can either live with everybody labouring to feed all their sons are you can start divorce proceedings.  Take your complaint to the Court of Appeals, “Common Sense “you already convicted yourself.  You are wanting to a Higher Court to dissolve that thought and his family.

In the Laws of Relativity, the reversibility of Space and Time, to achieve an Thermodynamic Equilibrium your reverse the thought that dragged to the past and reverse the polarity. To return you to a pristine state of mind in the present.   Use an aftermarket word like Beautiful and build your thoughts around that.  Use other words to give that thought a solid foundation.  Leaving no room for error in your construction.  To achieve a different outcome i.e., Beautiful the opposite of Depression.  A positive Thermodynamic Equilibrium in High Performance Women who use their Eyes to see the image before you Consume it.  Once you consume the thought bypassing your Heart it becomes harder to divorce.

Use your Eyes to construct the foundation of that thought from the Laws of Nature so your Heart knows what you see.  You want a monogamous relationship not morphing out into poly’s.  You want only one thought in your bedchambers not a crowd of onlookers.

Beautiful is one of those strong images, thoughts that you clothe yourself with ie, pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically.  He brings his Shires ie, attractiveprettyhandsomegood-lookingnice-lookingpleasingalluringprepossessing.

Look into the mirror and see if you can spot any of these Stallions, Shire’s moving across your Eyes galloping across the wide open plains in the tall savannas, rivers, and high Mountains.

Thoughts are like Stallions they come in only 2 colores,  White or Black.  Shire’s moving across your Eyes galloping across the wide open Plains, tall Savannas, Rivers, and high Mountain Peaks.

Thoughts of Fathers riding white Stallions from the Mountains of no name and tell their Daughters who become Women they are Beautiful.  All Women like to decorate their Hearts that is “Common Sense”.

Men’s thoughts ride the Black Stallions and bring tidings, parchments of Depression from the across your lands from distant Kingdoms sailing on the ships winds that land on your shores.  Be careful what you plant in your Garden in the middle of your City.  It starts with your Temples.

Shires are powerful Thoughts and Images but themselves have to be led with Common Sense so they don’t get out of hand.  Wrecking you Heart.

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  1. Very good post. Your last paragraph is so true. Thoughts and words are so powerful, and learning to use them with common sense is very important. It is definitely a learning process, to not wreck one’s heart. I understand more and more every day how important this is.


  2. Yes, very much so. Words are so important, once spoken they are put into existence. Like that gentleman that I told you about that reposted someone else’s poem. He did not explain if they were his words or not, but people assumed they were, with common sense, he could have avoided a lot of bad comments.


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