777 Spatial Cognitive Deduction/ Fathers/Men/ Daughters/ Dividing Thoughts

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It only matters what Your Fathers See.

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High Performance Daughters who Become Moms

Moms who become High Performance Daughters

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Cognitive Behavioral Mechanics

I was reading a blog this morning from one of those High-Performance Daughters and I was drinking my coffee, watching the Sun come up, listening to her talk about a medical problem she has dealt with for the last 12 yrs or so.

High Performance Daughter’s

Seems like she had some rare hair loss problem on her scalp that was gradually getting worse.  So she traveled across the land she lives in fired Dr. after Dr. till she found one that knew what the problem was.  She is now taking a proactive stance on having a medical name for the problem and a way to correct the problem.


She posed a question to her other half asking, “If I lost all my Hair would you still Love Me”?

Young man answered reluctantly,” I guess it would be alright”.


Fathers come unto their Daughters in the Night.

Seems you took a proactive stance.  You care about the way you look.  I see no hair loss.  You are Still Beautiful in my eyes and I am Proud of You.  Then I would ask her questions like; Is there more that we can do to correct the situation?  Perhaps comb your hair a different way?  I am going to ask questions looking for other options and what can be done.  To maintain my Daughter in tip top condition a High-Performance Engine.  I am just tweaking what’s under the hood her Heart.

Teaching her to think with her heart and the minds of others that are around her.  Then I am going to ask what are you doing today that is exciting?  She will continue talking about things she is doing in her life all is proactive.   I will finish my coffee and watch the sun go down.

In Retrospect Low Performance Engines

The other day I was sitting in my chair watching the Sun come up drinking my coffee.  Out of the Ocean a Mermaid sat next to me.  She started talking about how Males and Females are Equal.  I turned to look at her tell me how so?

She went on to explain how they be equal.  So I listened for a while and told her to hold on a minute.  I would be back in a minute.   She said OK.

I took a swim in the Oceans she came from.  First thing I noticed is that there are no Male Mermaids.  Two I noticed Her assertions were coming from the Male sharks that swim around her mind.

The problem I saw right off the bat.  Anatomy Relationships that have a structure in the Humanities all by themselves i.e., you have Male, the opposite you have Female.

When the you try to take two words and put them under an umbrella covering it is easy to poke holes listening to others and making nonsensical claims.

To solve the problem to make it palatable for everyone to consume the thought you turn it into a compound word thereby changing the thought of the words into one definition i.e., Gender Neutral, male is female and female is male.

Compound words will make a High Performance Daughter lug in daily tasks lacking the motivation to move down the Highway of Life.

So I returned and as a Father of Mermaids came unto her and asked?  You ever seen a Police lineup where the victim tries to identify the perk?

The Mermaid said,” Yes”.

Ok, I got one hundred volunteer that are over there standing next to a wall with their backs turned and they are naked.  Do you see them?  She answered,” Yes”.

50 are Females and 50 are Males.  Do you see any differences? Name some of the differences?

  1. Different heights,
  2. Different Hair colors
  3. The Width and Girth of their bodies are all different.

So I asked my volunteers to turn around and face us.   Asked the Mermaid to point out the differences not the obvious ones.  She said, “OK”.

  1. Different heights,
  2. Different Hair colors
  3. The Width and Girth of their bodies are all different.

What do you see I asked the Mermaid?  They are different.

Right that is what I see.  Why you are trying to tell me that as a Female Mermaid you are equal to a Male Mermaid.   There are no Male Mermaids in the Oceans.  It is the Male sharks that try to tell you to turn your Femininity into to something that is not real.  Your were created and made as an Female Mermaid.  If there are no Male Mermaids then that makes you Unique and Special.  They are trying a new medical procedure on you like an old Frankenstein movie.  Dr. Frankenstein is trying to take two faces and two brains and make it into one.

At the end of the movie the monster you became becomes as we say in Military cannon fodder, killed by what you thought, I was the Enemy.  Your Father”s that sent me to you.

The little Mermaid got up, thank me for listening her and told me she was going back into the Oceans.  She told me, Your right you’re not my Father, I am going back to my Father that feeds me compound words that taste like caramel nuggets.  Little did she know her engine was starting to lug.  Her eyes were in the dark Oceans of thoughts that swim around her like thoughts of the Puffer Fish.  They look nice to eat goes into the stomach it turns poisonous and can kill your heart spiritually.  Thereby destroying the Beauty of your Creation a Female Mermaid.

She left with a push of her tail and went back into the darkness of the Oceans.

I turned around looked at the setting sun drink my last bit of coffee.

I thought what I should have told her.   Read the warning label, “Eating to many compound words may cause drowsiness. You might fall deeper into the darkness of the Oceans.   Becoming cannon fodder for some other creature.  That fattens you up for the kill by feeding you more compound words.

The next thing you will know is that you got tangled up int the Fishing nets of your emotions.  The Captains of trawlers that fish for the weak Mermaids.

You will end up in the fish markets where the buyers the merchants of the colleges, religions, politicians ,men and women will compete for your attention.

Who am I?  I sure as heck isn’t a Puffer Fish.  I am a Father who knows the economics of buying into compound words like sexual intercourse/ Oral Sex ect..  Love is not rocket science it is singular in Nature it is Pure and simple.

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  1. I came across this same statement today, I was at a hair salon, we started talking about creation. I told her the difference between males and females. She said to me ” We are equal, the female is to serve the male”. I said wait just a minute. We are not equal, you are Made as a Woman, in spirit. She continued to argue, ” No we are both made the same.” I told her the difference between helpmeet and helpmate. She never heard these two terms. She is a Baptist, we are made with the trinity within each one of us. I ran out of time.


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