777 Laws of Thermodynamics/ When Creation Binds Your Heart/Her Beauty/ Her Hands Guide You Home

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It only matters what Your Fathers See.

* Daily Fitness Program*

High Performance Daughters who Become Moms

Moms who become High Performance Daughters

Sons who inherit Creation the Daughters from their Father and Mother that sit high above the Mountains into the Heavens past the Stars

*Quantum Mechanics Matter and Energy as One Particle*

 *Quantum Physics Fields Occupying Space and Time*

*Fire/ Cold/ Liquid*

*Fathers/ Mom’s/Daughters*

2nd Law of ThermoDynamics

Reversing the Present to Past the Creation in the Wombs of your Mothers returning to the present in accelerating speeds in all directions to propel you past the Stars into their Arms.

As a Man,  I spent 20 yrs High in the Mountains of my Fathers past the Northern Kingdoms across the Euphrates river valleys.  In Mountain ranges that have no name but extending into the Heavens.  They told me of their Daughters thier Creation.  Her Beauty.  Her Femininity that flows out of the Garden like Rivers of Gold, that envelops your Spirit and Mind with the strength of a Bull, Legs and Thighs . Fathers that sent their Daughters to you.  Her Creation to help the children of their Fathers to stand up from the bowels of earth.   She presses you into the Heavens with hands that are strong yet soft.  Pulling you into Her Womb, Her Creation to envelope you with the warmth of her Spirit.  Nourishing you from her teats , the Nature of Her Femininity like milk to help you grow to stand beside her one day, in seasons that whirl around you like a mist that are warm like the clouds high above the mountains that drifted slowly by for generations into Eternity.

All the while her Eyes always watching you.  Always speaking to you transforming into the colors of Topaz.  Like the Northern Lights  exploding high above into a million splinters of colors all dancing together .  Her hair is golden glistening in the Morning sun.  The morning sun that rises into the sky from the East with rays of light swimming across Her eyes.  Schools of Mermaids from the Oceans of the world cover her with the particles of Her Creation from Her Mothers Womb in regions of the heavens past the stars.  Opulence of rays of light, particles of diamonds that flow down across high mountain peaks into the valley below, across the deserts covering Her Nakedness with the Strength of Her Fathers who shield her with their Arms.   Flowing across narrow canyons to land at her feet.  Neutering all that are hurt and wounded with thoughts erupting like fires from the deepest depths of the bowels of the earth.

Her Eyes speaks to you are Beautiful.

I sit and watch her stand in the early morning hours as Her Creation Her Womb comes alive all around and Blinds me with her Beauty buckling my knees.  Her breathe brushes against my face and She holds my hands all the while pressing her Creation against me .

When the sun goes down in the even she comes unto my bedchambers.  She lays next to me gently lifts one of her breasts with with one hand and the other guides me to suckle her milk the nature of Her being.  I fall asleep in the valleys listening to her heartbeat.  In time I open my eyes and I am resting in the Womb of Her Creation.  Rivers of Gold that engulf me that are warm that protect me.  I suckle from breasts that give me life.  Her eyes like sapphires watching over me.  Voices that are not heard,  Her Eyes tell me,” No” as I bite to hard.  I see Her Eyes and She tells me I am Beautiful before I ever left her Womb and traveled down the canals into the lands of my Father and the Fathers that came before me.  To stand with them.  In my ears I still hear Her tell me I am Beautiful.  Buckles my legs but this time it is my Fathers that help me stand up as a Father.

Then in the early morning hours she departs and stands with the Arms of Her Fathers Her hands pushing the Rising sun  high above the Mountain ranges that have no names that extend past the stars to help the seeds of children to return home to Her Womb.

The Fathers are waiting expectantly for their Grandchildren to come home with them and sit with them for Eternity.  They sent me to their Daughters to tell them how Beautiful they are.  To Return the Daughters past the Stars like particles of Diamonds to stand one day as a Woman.  So your hands can help the sons of men stand up like their Fathers before them to stand one Day with their Father.  To nourish them with the milk of your Creation.  My Fathers and their Father made you to stand in all your Beauty before the world.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Moms

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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