1 BC-777-1 AD What is Love Like After 50 yrs

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I spend a lot of time with what I call my Daughters it does not matter to me what age they are.  I was reading a blog some young lady out there did not know what Love was and she had nobody to ask.

Well I thought about the situation and I thought they need to have goal to reach for.  Set some guidelines from a Father that has been married to his High School Sweetheart for 50 yrs.

Some of my young ladies don’t know me and others know me.  Who I am.

I always hold hands with my wife wherever we go sometimes I forget.  I always open the car door for her and if I forget she reminds me.

We fight about somethings during the day.  It flares up and then it goes away.  We talk about other things that are pressing for the day.  We never go to bed angry.

Every night I get in bed, I have my jammies on.  I have to sleep on my right side.  Every night I have to put a ventilator mask on to help me breathe.   If I get lucky, I will find out I have the early stages of lung cancer.  I do not care about any of that.  Everything has a season and takes its course in life.

We do not say prayers instead we let each other know that we are safe and I am still protecting her at night.  I realized along time ago Religions become the other man in bed with you at night.  It will make you marriage weak overtime.

I will either reach behind me and pat her on her hips or I hold her hand and holds mine till, she knows I am asleep.  The she pats me on the shoulder and she turns and goes to sleep.

I teach young ladies how to Love because if you do not how to Love then you do not know how to teach that young man how you want to be loved.

You have been taught to be weak by society or the other man religions.  It is like that all over the world.  I help my Daughters to stand up and be a Woman of stature, grace and very beautiful.  It is ok to keep yourself pretty but it is not ok if your intent is to draw attention to yourself on the blog or off the blog.

That is love after 50yrs, set you goalposts high and never compromise your Heart. Once you destroy your heart it is hard to put it back together.  You will be old and bitter never knowing what pure Love is.

Just my thoughts to my Daughters out there and to the Moms that are having a tough time.  Don’t let your Heart get cold.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Moms

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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  1. Beautiful Ron, That to me is love, when you look across a crowded room and make eye contact with your spouse, you see each other. You actually see each other. You tune out everyone around you. And you just smile.


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