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It only matters what Thought you See.

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Moms who become High Performance Daughters

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2nd Law of ThermoDynamics

As a Father I spent a lot time in the lands of my Fathers thousands of years ago. They taught me how to read thoughts, how to digest thoughts, how to regurgitate thoughts.  They taught me the Laws of Thermodynamics if you gather a thought with your eyes or your ears.  You have to weigh that thought with the Seat of your Emotions your Heart.

If you did not weigh that thought with a matrix to verify an absolute[your Heart] then you are listening or seeing others do the same thing.  So you decide to be like the rest of the crowd you join in.  With no afterthought.  The thought goes to your Stomach where it sits for a time to be digested.

In the times of the ancient Fathers ever thought that was written  you read from the right to the left.

My thoughts will start from the Right to the Left as in my Titles.  This takes in the Laws of Thermodynamics the 2nd Law; and the Laws of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics and Physics.  Thoughts are molecular structures that are worlds unto themselves.  Particles that collide like atoms smashing together between absolutes an opinions of others.  One dies and one lives.  The Laws of Nature the weak will never survive in the wild Kingdom.  The strong will always survive.

It states that a thought is an isolated system that can never decrease over time.  The total thought and its consumption can remain constant in ideal cases where you are in a thermodynamic equilibrium or you decide to undergo a reversible process.  To reverse to time and space to reverse time to the past is covered under the Laws of Relativity which I will discuss at a later time.  If my Father tells me to tell you.

In Quantum Physics the expenditure of energy [ heat transfer to a cold state] to remain popular your emotions will decay over time.  Matter and Energy to bring attention to yourself will drain your spirit and you will decay over time and die.  Then you will have to stand up and reverse the process when the Thermodynamics of Equilibrium of the thought of being like everyone else loses it luster.  You reach a crossroads.  Does the thought keep doing the same mundane task or do you reverse the process and vomit out the thought.  Consume a new thought from your eyes or what you hear passing through your Heart in route to your Stomach.

Thoughts are like a food cuisine, either they taste good on your tongue or they taste bad on your tongue.  If you assume all things are equal then you are in bigger trouble. Laws in all disciplines of Creation are extremely precise mathematical precision.  Your alter the mathematics by changing the variable, How much attention am I willing to expend to achieve an statistical algorithm to achieve a predictable outcome that derides absolutes.  How much emotion decay am I willing to assume?  How much are you willing to move yourself in a low-income state of affairs?

Respect, what is it?  I saw an advertisement in a cosmetic magazine the other day cracked me up when I thought about it.  There is only two ways respect goes.

The thought said,”6 Nude Lipsticks”, cracked me up.  I looked at the thought the word Nude.

  1. Either you are wearing Respect
  2. Or you or not wearing Respect

Fathers want their Daughters to respect themselves and watch what they eat.  You eat to much [thoughts of others] you will later in life gain to much weight and it will be harder to reverse the damage.  Your emotions will live-in low-income housing and you will let any thought in the house to regain that opulence you once had many years ago.

Nude either you are wearing something or you are not.  I was talking about Lipstick.  You have to know what you put on your Lips.  Your mind went South my mind went North.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Moms

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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