1 BC-777-1 AD A Father Listening to His Daughters Keeping an Eye on Them

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* Daily Fitness Program*

High Performance Daughters who Become Moms

Moms who become High Performance Daughters

Sons who inherit Creation the Daughters from their Father and Mother in the Northern Mountains that sit high above the Mountains.

*Theoretical Quantum, 3 Fields Occupying Space and Time*

*Fire,   Cold,  Liquid*

*Fathers Mothers and  Daughters*

As a Father one of things I love to do is outside late in the evening drink a cup of coffee and watch the sun go down. His Daughter’s come and sit down next to him.  She is rattling off the events of the day.   I listen, and watch what they talk about ;  I speak to each.

I used to straighten my hair every day, even to get any slight kinks out from usual daily activities. It becomes an addiction as when you achieve pin straight hair, you want to straighten out anything that happens to it. I always used heat protection, but I noticed my hair wasn’t looking that healthy. The ends were thinning and becoming brittle, and my hair was starting to lose its natural loose wave. Dry hair is not my desire! I wanted to grow out my hair, but how can you expect to get healthy long hair, applying heat to it? Even if it’s ‘low’ (185 degrees Celsius).

You can’t! So I took a step back from straightening my hair for at least a year! I went a bit overboard with it I know, but there are so many ways you can get straight or curly hair with less heat application and more protection!

What I see as a Father, my Daughter is very concerned about how she looks and appears to others and trying to help other young women.  She knows she is a strong young lady trying to help others. Her heart is beautiful and she rightly don’t care what that young man thinks.  She does not need him.

Then one of my other Daughters comes up and sits next to me, telling me about her day;

He says his love is real.. And can’t help himself the way he feels,But poor guy doesn’t know..Love is magic,And magic is illusion

You smile at her and hold her hand and tell her.  A Father is the only one that can you what Love is and help you stand on your own two feet.  A Father is going to be direct with you and to the point.  A Mother will mend your hurts with Her hands and speaks softly in your ears.  You think I did wrong.  She is going to whisper in your heart.  In tones only your heart can hear,”Nope”.

My other Daughter comes up and sits down next to me and tells me the events of her day;

This could be long, first, the girl I spoke to yesterday said my words
made her emotional, in a good way, I wrote back to her, she has never
heard someone tell her how special she is, and beautiful.  I told her
I am here, she can contact me at any time.

I just saw my life’s purpose from the beginning. Things I had
forgotten about. I often wondered why I did get to have one love, a
marriage that lasted my entire life, like you and Naela, my sister and
brother, and I have a few friends that all had one spouse.  They
showed me just now, why that did not happen to me, I saw every person
I helped along my journey that I did not realize I helped. I saw
everyone, and their faces are still coming to me as I write this.

I started my journey young as you know, taken away from love so early.
But I see every person, even at age 10. That I  helped, in-between
the pain, I helped so many others. If my grandparents had not died, I
would not have been forced to move to Iowa at 10 years old.  The good
uncle I talked about, he and his wife never had children. He and I
were very close, I was his child, I was his daughter. We went
everywhere together.  When he died he came to me in my dreams to say

I fell in love with my high school sweetheart, but, I suddenly had to
leave him, I told him I had to move on.  He found a new love, he had a
daughter with that wife.  He would not have had children with me.

I moved on, I met others, short acquaintances along the way. They
returned to their first loves, I moved on.

I married a man, who was very bad to me.  He had a daughter, I had
forgotten about her. Her name was Laurel, her and I were very close.
She clung to me.  I helped her.

When my Daughter said this could be long, I listened.  Still sipping my coffee watching the sun go down.  I asked her what did your Mom say.  She told me I was Beautiful that is all She said.  I told you  that you were Beautiful.  But Father, “I goofed up”. Perhaps in your mind you think that.  I don’t see that in your Heart.  You even in your trials and tribulations you tried to help my other Daughters that came to you.

Then one of my other Daughters came and sat down next to me, she is the youngest of the Daughters;

All she said to me was,” Your Right”.

I smiled and went inside and watched moments from the past cross my eyes.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Sons

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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