1 BC-777-1 AD My Parents Came to Me and My Wife Last Night from the Heavens

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* Daily Fitness Program*

High Performance Daughters who Become Moms

Moms who become High Performance Daughters

Sons who inherit Creation the Daughters from their Father and Mother in the Northern Mountains that sit high above the Mountains.

*Theoretical Quantum, 3 Fields Occupying Space and Time*

My Father and Mother came to me last night and I sat in front of Him and He told me this words.  I love you, my Son.  Your Mom who birthed you in the Womb of Creation.  My Fathers hands-built Creation.  I inherited the keys to the Heavens.  My Father handed the torch the staff to me to lead those into the Northern Mountains to sit before their Parents and to see them with their own eyes.

My Daughters your Parents that sit high above your heads will come to stand before in seasons on the eve of the night.

I love all the Daughters that my Father sends to me you are all very precious.  I am proud of you as is your Mother.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Sons

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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5 thoughts on “1 BC-777-1 AD My Parents Came to Me and My Wife Last Night from the Heavens

    1. I know they did. You taught me another shade of Love that had me puzzled for awhile. I like to solve puzzles. I Am a clown on steroids flying high in the Heavens with my Fathers. I gave up the ghost last night and died returned home to the city of my Fathers where I will live the rest of my life. Until my Father tells me it is time to go home where I came from. I have more Daughters to save and sons.

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  1. Those words I know so well, you said the same thing to me, the old Sandra died, it died last week. It took us this long to find the city of the Father, It is a journey, when you are ready to hear the answers, He will reveal them to each one of us. I have been searching my whole life. The door was finally opened. I see Him.

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    1. I will never go back to the KJV. I am a Father like my Father who loves and protects His Daughters that hear his vioce deep in thiers hearts. The mountains will shake and the tummys of creations will tremble the vast plains of the hot deserts. Earthquakes will rumble around the world in a twinkling of an eye. Creation will come alive in their wombs built by the words of my Father.

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  2. The Words of the Father, that is what taught me the difference of truth and lies. It also taught me what spiritual love is. I never had babies, I always wanted children of my own. I wasn’t sure how to love those around me, I never knew love. I never have seen love. My husband introduced love into my world. The Father introduced spiritual love, on such a high level, that can be shared with so many. It is flowing from my heart.


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