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I had a Mom come into the studio talk to hers Daughters.  Her story of growing up.  It was brutal there is no other word for it.  I know a lot of you have had hard times.  A Father can see it in your eyes can see it in your words.  I see a young girl out there her eyes are cast downward.  She is a Dreamer she wants to be loved and protected that is all any young girl wants in a brutal world of men.

You might say well you a Man, “What is the difference you might asked”?

I like you got brutalized at a young age no different then a lot of you.  I had parents but they never showed me Love was, my Dad never taught me how to be a Man.  I spent years trying to regain my identify.  Trying to figure out what a Man was.  Could not find it my heroes or movie actors or friends.

Do the whole time the fowl of air always spoke especially in High School, Find them, Feel them and F— them.  That was the macho saying and the same is still holds true to this day.

The one thing that help me is I took a class in High School it was called the Nuclear Family.  When I was in the 11th grade her Beauty started to capture my eye.  We got married at 17.  In this day and age I would not suggest it. It is a tough haul.  Not only did I had figured out how to Love my wife.  In addition to trying to figure out what a Man was.

For me because of the babble around the three F, s.  Ok we have sexual intercourse.  It seemed birth everyone else was doing so I just followed the crowd.  I had no one to teach me what Love was.  My wife came from the same boat.  We were very immature we came from a bad situation clinging to each other trying to save our souls.  We hurt everyday, every night, there was not enough drugs or alcohol to ease the pain.  This went on for decades.  My wife was in trouble also.  She, like me were trying to find her nature our spirit me as Man and her as a Woman.

I became like the fairy tale, Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.  All the King’s horses and all the King’s men.  Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty together again.

I went through all the physic boys and woman, hospitals.  I have the Who’s Who list of religions and churches that I got kicked out of.  I think I wracked up a total of 37 churches.  Their gods and some begotten son could not heal what ailed inside my guts.  I would ask them all the time; I have been molested rape as a young man.  How does you god heal.  The usual answer was well say you prayers to some man named Jesus.  He became a god that walked the earth 2000 yrs ago and sometime in the future he is coming back.  I always thought I am hurting now; I am not worried about two thousand years ago or when he comes back.  I never healed nether did my wife.  I would always ask questions.  That in itself would kick me out of their ablations and sacrificing 10 percent and God would heal me rhetoric that in later years was poppycock.

I had enough one day and started to walk on my own.  I read 16 versions of the KJV, I read the Latin Vulgate the Greek Septuagint.  I read the ancient manuscripts the Jewish people, Jewish Mysticism, the Hebrew Bible, taught myself to pictographs and cuneiform script.  I brushed the coats of the Gods of Mythology.

I know the Doctrines of all the major religions and what they believe.  This includes Christianity, the Roman Catholic Church, Islam, Hindu and Buddha, Jainism and Taoism.

I am versed in the fields of Quantum Mechanics that’s my baby also versed in Thermodynamics of Inanimate and Animate objects.  The laws of Relativity.  How molecular structures work and the elliptical orbits they create their spin.

It took I guess 3 yrs to acquire this understanding.  In the process I started dissecting the KJV, I wanted to know what was in it that made it a bestseller.

I took out the words that were added, I took out the Jewish Mysticism, I looked at the first five books of the KJV and back it up with ancient Hebrew manuscripts going back 1000 BC.  The wording was different the thoughts were different.  They were simple but different. The people who wrote the words were different they were ancient Semitic/Hebrews going back to around 6000 BC.  I have read cuneiform script that puts them in the Mountains.

The upshot of all this I know who I am a Man now the pains and hurts are gone.  I am a Father that me.  I listened to my Fathers of long ago and heard their voice.  In the ancient texts they are a Elohim of Abraham, Elohim of Isaac and Elohim of Jacob.  They were all heavy-duty Fathers.

I stood up as Father one day and never looked back.  Grace of my Fathers I have been married to a wonderful.  Some of you never had Fathers, it take a man to fill that shoe.

I am a man; I am a Father.  When Moses asked who I should say sent me, I am a Father, simple as that because the translations of been altered.

So I call everyone my Daughter, I will tell them I am proud of them.  I will nudge you when I think you need to be nudge back on the path to a rich life.  Irrespective of what is happening around you.  My Daughters are High Maintenance torque engines that need to be tweak every now and then.

I know a lot of you young ladies are confused about trying to find out who you are.  Asking perhaps, “How or what does it mean to be a Woman.  I know some of you don’t have Fathers or no Moms.  Then for the most of you things happen and your scared trying to find your way home.  Only Moms can teach their Sons and Daughters.

That woman that came in over the weekend she was brutalized by men she.  She told me there was man that came down from the mountains of her Fathers and helped her to become a woman many years ago.  She had a story to tell you High Maintenance Daughters, I hoped you listened with your hearts.

You need a Mom to step in an help you navigate life I have a link to my friend Sandra, she is a Mom that never had babies, I told her the Fathers would bring babies to her and they did.

You younger people need a hon. Young man to talk to.  I will vouch for Dr. Nimish. You High Maintenance Daughters need to know how to use the proper makeup then there is my other Daughter Antonia, she is an expert.

I am proud of all 3 of these young people.  They are High Maintenance Mom a Mother and Daughters and Hon. Son who has Dignity and my Respect as a Father to a Son.

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You are all Beautiful Daughters and Sons

I find no fault in you , you make me proud to be a Father to those who don’t have one.

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18 thoughts on “1 BC-777-1 AD Moms and Daughters

  1. You have the words of the Fathers, you are a Father. You told me, My Father is proud of me, words I thought I would never hear. You told me, you were proud of me. Words that are etched in my heart. My husband now understands, he was lost the same as the others. Our Father told me what to say, to help open his eyes. I thank you Ron, I want to say, I AM PROUD OF YOU. We love you.

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    1. I love both you guys. I am so happy for you. It is like a Father watch his daughter stand up as a Woman. One year my butt. 😂🤓🙃


  2. Yes a new world, the world that my Father was sending me to. I did not know it before, I did not understand. The past is gone, but what I learned from the past is what put me here today. What I know, what I went through, will help me to help others. That is my purpose. I understand.


    1. That’s are purpose to try and save the children. There’s no greater honor as a civilian to give you life to the children to protect them . In a dying generation.


  3. I am writing a post about that now, I understand why I could not talk to my loved ones about the pain of my past, I did not want them to feel guilty for not seeing me. I held onto the pain, I held it in. I was alone. There are so many others who know the same pains, different, yet the same. Who do not know who to talk to. My question was, does any one understand out there. The answer is yes, Like you said, we understand, that is our purpose. I don’t want to leave anyone behind. There is a way out. You do not have to suffer alone. I want them to find their strength, to know that it is there.


    1. That’s why I pointed to your name. You need a Mom to talk. Talk to Sandra the Woman that stopped by went home to her Father’s. Maybe she will stop by again sometime soon. She went home as a Woman she was meant to be.

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  4. Yes, I never knew a father or a mother, I grew up without either one. But I have been reborn as a Mother, with children all around me. My Father’s found me and helped me to understand. You helped me to understand.


    1. They call me the Breeze a Father who can be mean a Rattlesnake but has hands that gently stand up the children. Then make them laugh washing the darkness away.


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