1 BC-777-1 AD When A Woman talks to Her Daughters about Life

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One Mother two Daughters there is always another side to a thought.  A Daughter who becomes a Woman.

This is what I saw. The two sisters are one in the same, mind and

spirit. They were one in the beginning. They had a purpose. And then

they were split in two.  Like my real sister and I.  I tried to

protect her by using my mind, to shield her. My spirit left me, my

mind had to take over, to protect and survive. But the mind can not

survive without the spirit.

The older sister is the outside appearance.  The one that tries to

protect the spirit of life that is inside.  Not wanting any man to

touch her spirit.  The Older sister, my mind, my body, would try to

fit in, dress to attract men, become something that she isn’t to hide

her real spirit.  To protect her real spirit.  When men bruised her,

stole her identity, the life left the body. The eyes became dark, the

appearance was week, the eyes looked down at the ground.

  And when the Fathers found her, and heeled her, the two became one

again.  The Father created us to be one spirit, one mind, a virgin at

birth and a virgin at death.

The Father created all of his Daughters across the world, as the same

spirit. We all seem similar; we all seem to be as one.  The chosen ones.

You see the spirits of all these women, as broken, we are all similar,

we all cover up who we really are. We are not true to our Nature

anymore. We are not givers of life. It was taken away.

That is what I see through your eyes and mine.

It is the Woman who became a Mom talking to her Daughters.  It is the last paragraph that stands out above all the others.  Men took their life their nature away.  She sees it in your eyes when she looks at you.  The last sentence you eyes will always reveal your weaknesses,  never show weakness to any god or manchild.  Listen to your Fathers who sent you a Mom from the mountains where she lives now.

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