1 BC-777-1 AD When A Mother Talking to Her Daughters about Life

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  A Daughter who became a Woman.  She belongs to no religion only to Her Fathers.  You need a Mom to talk to their children.  What you are seeing is a Woman who is opening her eyes up to look at the darkness that men create.  It is powerful words it comes from heart.

This is what I see- I was not aware until now, all the other women

going threw identical events.  I knew they were out there, but as I sit

here thinking about it.  You know, women started out the way the

Father created us.  But even from the beginning, woman were changed

into something we were not meant to be.  I have heard many times in the

past that Lucifer, was going to try to end creation on earth, and the

only way to do that was to crush women.  Because he new that we were

created to be more powerful then men.  One way to turn everyone away

from the Father, is through killing and raping the woman and children.

The most precious thing to the Father.

If you take Lucifer out of it, and man knows this story. They will

keep doing this same act of violence, to hurt and take the women out

of the picture. Other countries do it more than here. America seems to

be joining in. Sex trafficking, rape, murder.

Everything you see on tv and the internet is now world wide. They all

want to be the same. Girls in china are cutting their eyes, to make

them look more like American girls. There seems to be a pattern


We that say the uncle raped us, makes sense to me. I called him uncle,

his wife was my cousin. He wasn’t a father or cousin, he was an uncle

in my mind.

I see all these girls are identical to me, because we are the strong

ones.  The Father knows what we are capable of, He created us for a

purpose.  It seems like our spirits are what is similar. My real

sister was bruised just a little. And then she never new the hands of

a bad man ever again. She has a purpose. He sent her on her path.

My purpose has been revealed to me. Will the other girls be similar

when they find there way out of the darkness?  I am not sure, it seems

like we were all kind hearted, and trusting when we were young. And

mans hands changed us, and those who will listen will come out

stronger than we ever knew we could be.  We together could be the

strength the Father is trying to bring back to from  creation.

  Listen to your Fathers who sent you a Mom from the mountains where she lives now.

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