1 BC-777-1 AD Dear Dairy שָׁד

בְּ רֵ אשִׁ  ית : *בָּ רָ א *   אֱ הִ ים   הַ שָּׁ מַ יִ ם   הָ אָ רֶ ץ   וְ אֵ ת  הָ אָ רֶ ץ


Functionality of words and applications in a 3 dimensional states of Cogent Thoughts.

*Quantum fields occupying Space and Time*


Our lives are like a diary everything that has every happened to us is recorded and annotated.

When you are a young lady and your body is developing usually around age 10 you are developing bosoms.

It is at this time in life that many young females fall prey to hands of relatives that are supposed to protect them.  Men’s eyes will always go to the bosom before they look at your face.  It sounds silly but they want to know what they look like, shape and to feel them.  I am speaking to you as a Father.

This creates an event in your Dairy.

We then try to find acceptance elsewhere belonging to a group or like most of us we go into drugs and alcohol and other things.  We lose all sense of direction and balance in our lives.  Navigating simple everyday tasks becomes a hurdle as loneliness sets in.  Every day that goes by we try to regain our identity and, in the night, images drift into our dreams for years to come.

For the young female the cards are stacked against you from the get-go.  Not only do you feel the guilt and shame but you also feel dirty inside.  Then your parents or your authority figures in your life tell you are guilty because you egged your relative on by enticing them with your bosoms.   Then some of you go to some god forsaken church and they tell you the same thing that you are guilty also.

When our spiritual identity is stolen, we gravitate into other equally dangerous situations.  We go from one misdeed, to another misdeed, to another misdeed, to another misdeed.

The point being you have to know why you did things that were out of context. It helps you to understand how and what made you tick.  You cannot be held accountable for that.  It would not matter to me if you were 50 yrs of age reading this.

You become accountable when you understand why you did certain things and not to do them again.  Restoring balance and navigation to your life.

It matters when someone talks your hand and tells you there is a better way quit blaming yourself it was not your fault.  The cards were stacked against you.

Fathers would tell their Daughters these things.

I would recommend that you follow this link;   Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.

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