1 BC-777-1 AD Press Creations Breasts She Becomes Drunk

Your Heart

בְּ רֵ אשִׁ  ית : *בָּ רָ א *   אֱ הִ ים   הַ שָּׁ מַ יִ ם   הָ אָ רֶ ץ   וְ אֵ ת  הָ אָ רֶ ץ

*הלב הנשי*

Functionality of words and applications in a 3 dimensional states of Cogent Thoughts.


*Quantum fields occupying Space and Time*

Pressing against the Breasts of Creation

Creation is a fragile being full of nurturing rivers of life to all.  She sees with her eyes and touches with her arms.   Creation grasps you with her hands and will never let go.  She pulls you close to her breasts and sustains us with nourishment like milk with branches that bare the nips of fruit to feed all the children that come before Her.  She is like a lioness that will protect her cubs and move them from danger to other protected shelters under Her arms.

When you press against Her breasts.  Creation becomes drunk and like the oceans become turbulent and stormy as She tries to stand up to walk to other distance lands.  The ground She stands on becomes dark with fears of distant images that haunt her.  The lands around her become barren and her womb becomes barren and dry.  Everything dies within her eyes.  Her eyes become dark and void. The mountains lose their snow-white caps and in the valleys the flowers bloom no more.  The lush forests grow no more.  The swordsmen and the axe men have cut all her Beauty into splinters.  She will lay down and go to sleep for awhile.

Sometime in the even Her Fathers will come unto Her and breathes into Her eyes.  I made you, my Creation, a Daughter of Beautiful portions, “I am proud of you”.  Creation is never guilty or ashamed.  Creation never says, “I am Sorry”.  He tells Her she is Beautiful.

Your Fathers will guide you to another land where the mountains will be pristine with snow and the valleys will return to life and everything you see and touch will spring to life and rise up before your eyes in the morning sunlight.  The shrouds of darkness like a mist will drift away in the moonlight.

Your Fathers will cover your nakedness and restore their Creation their Daughters to their rightful place.

Creation is beautiful men mar the image by pressing against her breasts and she becomes drunk and lays down in darkness.  Her eyes become void and dark and chaos makes her stumble.

I read some words this morning from a young lady about being lonely and being honest.  She made the comment to tell your spouse that she was great at sex.  Creation is and never was about sex. It is and always has been about the pristine beauty of your being a helpmeet of your Fathers their Daughters.

There are only two ways you can have sex and both them at the end to the day will reduce you to ashes.  You’re going back to what caused you to lay down and sleep when men pressed against you.  You see your shadows in the moonlight fear, loneliness, rejection and depressed.

I would recommend that you follow this link;   Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.

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The Womb of Creation the Begotten Female 

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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

with Two Fangs


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  1. Powerful words Ron, “I made you, my Creation”. We need to hear those Words. They are etched in my heart. My heart is in my Father’s hands.


    1. I read something a while ago, it compels me write again today. It crossed my eyes. Fathers need to stand up and dress their children sometimes.


    1. There are Father’s also that come unto from the wilderness and hold thier hands through the birth pains of labour.


    1. Gulf of Mexico there are sharks out there, thats is why I made a floating Turtle house a boat to keep the little Turtles safe. (: (: 2 miles offshore (: I would require a boat to get to the mountain.


    1. I don’t walk forgot to tell you that. If I sweat I am doing it wrong. Johnny don’t walk anywhere nether do I . (:


    1. Bobby told Johnny who told me. I just don’t make things up. I told Rachel it is a family thing. You want me to go on (:


    1. You forgot I do not surrender, I don’t take the same ground twice. You can only have my name, rank and serial number the rest of my mind is not open for tours.


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