1 BC-777-1 AD Reincarnations of Far Eastern Deities/ Jesus

Your Heart

בְּ רֵ אשִׁ  ית : *בָּ רָ א *   אֱ הִ ים   הַ שָּׁ מַ יִ ם   הָ אָ רֶ ץ   וְ אֵ ת  הָ אָ רֶ ץ

*הלב הנשי*

Functionality of words and applications in a 3 diminsional states of cogent thoughts.

*Objects occupying Space and Time*

Reincarnations of God

I was sitting in the Hospital ER room this morning.  One of my sisters in laws was having brain surgery to remove a lesion from her brain. She is in very critical condition.  She will be in recovery for a very long time.

One of my brother in laws this morning decided to engage me in discussions about the virtues that Jesus was a deity that came down from the heavens 2000 yrs ago and spoke things into existence.

I asked him who he thought God was.  He answered that, that was Jesus in the flesh.  So I asked him who Jesus was?  He answered he was a deity.  I answered is not that the same as a god.  He answered yes.  So I asked again who god is.  He answered he was god.  Who is Jesus? He was god.

Like the song provided he was going around and around and around with his answer.

What you have here is what you would call, a far Eastern theology of reincarnation.

God came once and created everything then he came again and he is going to come again to make things right.  That is a Far Eastern Theology of Reincarnation.  I did not get life correct the first time so I am going to came back again to make it right.  If that does not work then I am going to come back again and again and again till I get it right.  There is a Far Eastern theology they call this the 9 steps or so of nirvana.

I prefer to think we have one shot at life to get it right the first time.  If we are taught about mythological gods and demons that control our lives.  Or we believe that we have 9 chances in eternity to get our lives together then far be it from me to stop you.

Your life will lose all meaning and purpose and you will be chasing your tail all your life.  You will become angry and bitter in your old age and die in the same venue.  Both physically and spiritually.

It takes a Father to tell His Daughters that they are beautiful Creations of His Strength and Authority.  Looking into each of their eyes.

It only takes a handful of men to convince them that they are ugly and should be ashamed of their nakedness by stealing their virginity their nature of Creation.

I know by life experience that man made me ashamed of my masculinity as a male by stealing my identity with their hands.

It took my Father to restore me to the fullness of life by not lying to me.  I was born a male and will die a Man.

You would be hard-pressed to go to a man to restore your nature as a female or a male from the same ones that stole your identity it in the first place.

Sandra and Mike can witness this words are to be true .

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‘”to heal instead of becoming bitter so you can act from your heart, not your pain. ”

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