1 BC-777-1 AD Young Mens Copulation

Your Heart

בְּ רֵ אשִׁ  ית : *בָּ רָ א *   אֱ הִ ים   הַ שָּׁ מַ יִ ם   הָ אָ רֶ ץ   וְ אֵ ת  הָ אָ רֶ ץ

*הלב הנשי*

Functionality of words and applications in a 3 diminsional states of cogent thoughts.

*Objects occupying Space and Time*


Lev. 15


2 Speak unto the children of men, and say unto them, When any man hath a running issue out of his flesh,because of his issue he is unclean.

3 And this shall be his uncleanness in his issue: whether his flesh run with his issue, or his flesh be stopped from his issue, it is his uncleanness.

My Father is an equal opportunity employer.  As young ladies have a problem with the issue of blood, copulation , young men do to.

The issue men have is that they are born with two seeds of thoughts good and evil where as young ladies are born with one seed, the helpmeet of Creation of their Fathers.

Young men are creatures of Incest also that comes upon them early in life through events.  Incest is anything that captures your thoughts and then you rule others with those thoughts.  The outcomes are always in the darkness of the nether world where there is no light.  You bring others down with you into your darkness.  Then you kneel before the gods of other men doing all kinds of ablations and sacrifices never seeing the Sun.

Your unclean because you left your nature as a male and cast your shame and guilt like a rock causing others to stumble at your offense.  Anything you touch turns into darkness relationships your children and those close to you.

Your uncleanliness you have caused others to stumble in their darkness that is a measure of weight that bares against your eyes and shoulders.  Look in the mirror and you will see how ugly you really are.  I can see it how much more do you think your Father can see..  When you kneel before another man and worship him.

I saved myself with my Fathers words functionality of Creation and its spiritual condition of my heart.  He sent me His Daughter as a helpmeet for me to see into her eyes the heavens of Creation the Arms of Her Father.  I have been in the Arms of Creation for 50yrs.  Most times I did not realize it. Till a man came down from the North and told of things he saw on the other side of the Mountains in the wilderness.

Sandra can witness this words are to be true .

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‘”to heal instead of becoming bitter so you can act from your heart, not your pain. ”

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An Old Texas Rattlesnake

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