1 BC-777-1 AD בָּ רָ א bra he-created

Kemp Ridley Sea Turtles South Padre Texas heading to drifting kelp beds 2 miles offshore Gulf of Mexico.  These babies are born late May and into late August they know instinctively where to head.  The journey is fraught with trials and tribulations they are a protected Turtle.  You will see the Sea Gulls come down and eat them you cannot stop the Sea Gulls.  You are not allowed to stop the cycle of Creation then they have to swim 2 miles offshore in shark infested waters very few make it to safety.

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בְּ רֵ אשִׁ ית 11:

בָּ רָ א

This is an old Hebrew manuscript dated to about 980 BC.  To read Hebrew you read from the right to the left.  Since I restore young ladies to their rightful place in Creation because I to was a child of Incest.  A stranger performed oral sex on me.  For the young lady you are reading right.  The second line it spells bra and is pronounced the same way.

בָּ רָ א

A man took your bra off and exposed like me, your nakedness, and we became ashamed of ourselves.  One because no one heard our cries and then two the same man and in some cases men that had their way with us.  At least for the young ladies, they men told you that you were guilty of causing the man to take your bra off.  For some of you, your Moms told you the same things because the same man or men taught her to lie to you.  My Mom told me I was guilty for letting those things happen to me.  I was 12 yrs old a male what the hell did I know.  Screwed me up for years.

בָּ רָ א

Nonetheless you look at the first Hebrew letter on the right side.  That is called a Shepherd’s Staff it looks like an upside down J.  If you notice might be hard to see.  There is a dot near the top and then you have a horizontal line crossing underneath then under that you will see what looks like a T. That is called a Taw in the ancient Hebrew Alphabet, 2000 BC.

That is the Female is and always has been the Daughter of Creation from the Arms of Her Father simply by that dot near the top of the curve.  That denotes the spirituality of the Woman, her nature and her creation.  This is why young ladies you were standing next to your Father in heaven before man rose from the dirt and he created your darkness by taking your bra off.

The next figure over going from the right to the left the middle image that is the man he does not have that designation of spirituality, the dot,  like the Female because he gained the knowledge of good and evil.

My lady friend Sandra J can attest to what I am saying is truthful.  Mike her husband can attest to these things also.

My Family and Sandra’s family would be what you call in the Old Testament the ,” Council of Elders”.  We know by life experience and the words of the Old Testament how a young lady should be clothed with the words from her Father.

Moms like Sandra teach the young ladies how to put their bra on and clothe themselves with dignity, honour and respect.

A Father teaches his Daughters how to stand up and regain their rightful place in Creations of other worlds.  He moves his hands his spirit across your eyes that are filled with Darkness and separates the light from the darkness.

רֵ אשִׁ ית 11:

I know this to be true because the 3 symbol over reading from again right to the left looks like a U with a dot above it an one below it.  I move my hands across your eyes and your eyes will open.  That symbol is called and open palm.  So when I speak it into existence to you young ladies that you are different then the others you can take that to the bank.  Your Father will come to you in the night and hold your hands for a while and Creation will help you clothe yourselves properly and restore all things to you.

Look at my front page for those who follow me.  You will see a Woman who became a Mom and listen to her story.  I came for the living not the dead let the dead bury the dead.  The X that you see is called, crossed sticks in our case and yours we are the” Council of the Elders” there are other meanings behind that.

I raised my palms to the heavens and the clouds bellowed and exploded and your eyes were opened from the darkness that engulfed your hearts.  I know that because I can see it my Father tells me these things.  Men created your darkness lie and you go back to them trying to heal yourself.  You stay in suspended animation for decades not ever knowing the richness of your life which is precious for as my friend states you are a continuation of Creation you just been asleep for awhile.  Time to wake up. Your Father will come to you 3 times in the night when it is still and quiet.

Bra is one of those words that are 3 dimensional crossing time and space an object you can manipulate see it from all sides.  Traveled thousands of years to land at your feet.  Pick up your Fathers words and dress yourself and regain your femininity of Creation a highly valued Daughter worth more then gold to Your rightful Father.  If you want to call him Dad that is ok. Put him on speed dial.

To Interpret use these link’s ;     Hebrew Alphabet   >>>Hebrew OT

It would be recommended that you follow this link;   Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.

I was born Free and I will die Free.  I never left my post in 50 yrs, Me.

I was born a Virgin I will die a Virgin , Sandra J.

These are your Lucifer’s they don’t live in outer space they live next door to you, Houston Tx.

Sanctuary cities 


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