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Following on the heels of yesterday’s blog Geomagnetic receptors.  I want to broach on the subject of spatial cognitive imaging concerning past events as three-dimensional occupying space as we move through them navigating our everyday tasks.

The ability of a person to conceptualize the three-dimensional relationships of objects in space and to mentally manipulate them as a succession of transformations over a period of time. Spatial-temporal reasoning is a cognitive ability that plays an important role in basic tasks such as everyday movement of our bodies through space.

If we lose our geomagnetic reasoning then we lose the ability to navigate everyday tasks.  From our jobs to relationships.   We lose our spatial reasoning which is common sense to critical think about perceived complex emotional states that control us.

Critical thinking is that mode of thinking – about any subject, content or problem – in which the thinker improves the quality of his or her thinking by skillfully taking charge of the structures inherent in thinking and imposing intellectual standards upon them.

The essence to critical thinking in spatial reasoning can be exemplified by asking yourself questions about alternative possibilities in order to achieve some objective analysis rendering a high probability of the selected alternative being true.

There only two events that happen in our lives one is good and one is evil that comes from my Father.  The only one that has knowledge of good and evil is the man.  Being that I am man, I am speaking from life experience from my youth as an incest victim by a stranger.

Females do not have a soul because they have a spirit of Creation, physically, their childbearing qualities that translates into their emotional beings, they are an extension and arm of the Father, Creation, they are His Daughters.  The female was never created from the bones of the man.  She was standing and breathing next to the Father as He pulled us up from the dirt east of Eden and breathed life into our spirits.

Now some of you men will challenge me on that statement.  Then I would suggest you go back to your Mom and get a bird and bees talk.  Have your Mom explain to you why she caused you to rape the female, by incest or other evil imaginations you came up with.  Then blame the female for causing you to commit incest.  You would also have to blame your Mom.  If you really want to have fun ask your pastor the same question.

We all have 3 dimensional spatial events in our minds that eat away at us over the years.  We see the time, space and images of men that control our navigation on a daily basis.  By introducing us to their hands.   All of us have been taught to go back to man to help us overcome events.  Usually that ends up being take medicines to mask the situation.  Then we sit there for years in a chair in a comatose state never achieving a desired result, a rich life as it was meant to be.

For the young ladies as we say here in Texas take the bull by the horns.  Wrestle it to the ground with absolutes;

  1. I am a Daughter of my Father, I am an extension of His Arms, I am the help meet of Creation.
  2. I am a Woman I am a Virgin always was a Virgin and will go home to my Father as a Virgin. He found no fault in my Creation as a Female.
  3. Then put your Father on speed dial and talk to Him. He will visit you in the even of the night in your dreams.

Creation was never at fault man was at fault for creating Creation by his own hands and mouth speaking it into existence by unbuttoning your blouse.

To tackle the problem of spatial images we can deny it or we start to control it.  We control it simply by replacing one image of darkness with another image of the good things that made us happy as children remembering those times that made us smile as a young child.

Then since words by their own spirit create images that are powerful and are 3 dimensional objects [foundational supports] occupying time and space that control our navigation through our daily tasks.

Then we take out the control words that control us.  I read blogs all the time from ladies that will tell you they are depressed, Bipolar  and have been for years but they have found ways to mask it in the end deceiving themselves and others.  We take out the word depressed for instance;

Depressed; (of a person) in a state of general unhappiness or despondency.

synonyms:    sad, saddened, unhappy, gloomy, glum, melancholy, miserable, sorrowful, dejected, disconsolate, downhearted, downcast, cast down, down, crestfallen, woebegone, despondent, dispirited, low, low in spirits, low-spirited, heavy-hearted, morose, dismal, desolate, weighed down, oppressed; tearful, upset, broken-hearted; disheartened, discouraged, daunted, pessimistic; informal blue, down in the dumps, down in the mouth, fed up, moody; literary dolorous, heartsick, heartsore; archaic chapfallen

So Incest is the King and Depression is the Mom in your life and the demons are the sons, adjectives that control your life.  You replace the word Depression with another word and you cast out the demons in your spiritual being.   You do not speak it; you do not blog it, you do not use tags, you do not hang around people that make you depressed.

For the Females we replace the word for starters with;

Virgin…. not yet touched, used, or exploited.

“acres of virgin forests”

synonyms:    untouched, unspoiled, untainted, untarnished, unadulterated, pure, immaculate, pristine, flawless; unmarked, unblemished, spotless, stainless, unsullied, unpolluted, undefiled, unaffected, unchanged, intact, inviolate, preserved; unused, in mint condition, perfect, in perfect condition; unexplored, uncharted, unmapped

I wish to make a point here a young lady to me is anyone younger than me. I have been walking with a young lady who is 58 yrs old and lived with traumatic events all her life been with her and her wonderful husband for I think 90 day now and will in all essence be with them walk with them till the day the Father takes me home.  We contact each other through email same offer I make to anyone male or female.

The second point I wish to make here and this is extremely important to grasp with your hands and heart.  As a child you had no responsibility over things that happened.  You are not culpable at age 10 or at age 20 because those who were supposed to protect you and care for you and love you as a child were negligent in their responsibilities.

In that regards I would assimilate the word Virgin and adopt all the daughters that go with that word.  Then I would gander over to Song of Songs young ladies an check out uncharted, unmapped, unexplored mint condition how beautiful you are as a woman.  It is one of the books of the Old Testament that does not mention the Father.  For you husbands or boyfriends it might behoove you to walk over there.

Read the things that pertain to you and to you alone.

For those that wish to walk with me take my hand and I will walk with you.  I will walk with you for as long as it takes.

So to throw out the demons you throw out the control words and realize you are Creation and Arm of Your Father His Daughter you have His strength.  Turn your eyes to the heavens and he will come to on the even 3 times and take your hand.

From Yesterday’s blog;

With that in mind I also know from the ancient Semitic Hebrew that life is always in motion it is never stationary.  If you become stationary then within the Laws of Quantum mechanics, chemical and biological physics an organism will die and decay over time if is not given a stimulus to propel it forward.  It always has to have a stimulus to grow.

We are highly complex beings on one hand and simple on the other hand.

None the less each of us create an electromagnetic field around us that is caused by our nerves that course through our bodies and it culminates in our skull like looking at the magnetic North Pole.   That is where you see the heat transference like in the wintertime the heat from our bodies escapes from our skulls which house’s our minds.   We all have geomagnetic receptors in our eyes that keeps us for all intents and purpose a sense of direction levelheaded.  We are electrically charged.

Keeping that in mind and the Quantum states of chemical and biological physics of organisms.  If you do not provide a stimulus then the organism decays and dies over time.

To Interpret use these link’s ;     Hebrew Alphabet   >>>Hebrew OT

It would be recommended that you follow this link;   Sandra  Into the Light Adventures.

I was born Free and I will die Free.  I never left my post in 50 yrs, Me.

I was born a Virgin I will die a Virgin , Sandra J.

The Judgement you called upon your Heads 


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  1. That, my friend, is what is occurring at the moment with the sun. You have described the solar polar transitional shift.
    I think. I mean, I didn’t really read it because it was long and I’m tired. But your graphics and the key words I picked up on in my skim has led me to that.


      1. It’s incredibly touching and I thank you for sharing this. Declaring exactly where you stand. I am sorry you and Sandra have suffered such abhorrent experiences by the hands of evil men. Hugs and love and open arms, hearts and hands from this little whatever person on the other side of the globe. Sunshine and chocolate rainbows from me to you guys. Doesn’t do much to say these things, but I am glad you guys are healing.

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      2. Thanks Ron. I feel sorry for them too. Well, not sorry, that feels like the wrong word… I feel… sympathy. Anger, anxiety, antipathy, melancholy… empathy. *shrugs* I dunno. But it reminded me of stuff I had written a while back. I don’t know if it’s worth sharing again. I have tingles and my BGL are crashing so I have to take care of that – in this moment, the immediate present. I’ll be fine momentarily.


      3. I don’t even know who or what that is. I just … am. I already am who I am meant to be. A person who is also on their own journey, striving and trying – for (and towards) something better than what’s around me.


      4. Your a young lady your journey has just begun. Your different than the rest of the world you will understand in time. These things will be revealed to you in time.

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