666 1 BC-777-1 AD / 666 Geomagniticrecptors

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I was reading a news report last night where cities here in Texas were painting crosswalks in rainbow colors to highlight the gay lesbian communities.   I don’t care what you do in your bedroom.  But when you take grown adults and they paint crosswalks in rainbow colors there is no logic for that or common sense.  It is like watching a 5 yr old use a coloring book.

I was wondering and thinking how a population can be led into cognitive comatose state where logic and analytical skills inherent in all of us, where males and females are on equal footing.  When each of us are created uniquely yet at the same time we are all similar in behavioral responses to the stimuli that invades are senses daily.

So I asked my Father how to do you control a population of 330 million people who cast morality out the window for no logical reason.

I entertained the idea of Behavioral mechanics to manipulate large portions of society to think a certain way.  That would only be effective on a small portion of society and it would have to be highly control.  Then you would have to create statistical algorithms to attempt a desired result.  That would not be an efficient vehicle for such an endeavor.  Because you would also have to figure in societal influences on the individual and extrapolate that to a larger group.

Disciplines in Psychology of human behavior lack absolutes they are merely conjectures of whatever father of psychology they follow plus a hoard of subset disciplines.  It is bunk if your considering going to a physic you might as well hang yourself because you will remain comatose states for long periods of time in your life.  I came across a word the other day the discipline was called existential psychology.  I had to ask myself what the hell is that.  The Father of Psychology was a man called Freud, I took a class on him one year trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  Well he was a cocaine addict and it seemed his subjects were young boys.  He had a thing for young boys. Enough said.

I teach the interpretation of the Word, Old Testament.  I am reminded because I have spent years in the word.  There are always two images in each sentence and that is what I teach I keep it very narrow.  There are more images than that.  I keep it very simple two images to help you learn about yourself in particularly on a theological basis the young ladies.

With that in mind I also know from the ancient Semitic Hebrew that life is always in motion it is never stationary.  If you become stationary then within the Laws of Quantum mechanics, chemical and biological physics an organism will die and decay over time if is not given a stimulus to propel it forward.  It always has to have a stimulus to grow.

We are highly complex beings on one hand and simple on the other hand.

Then my Father led me Quantum physics magnetic fields and their influence on planetary elliptical orbits and rotation speeds and in our case, climate changes due to also gravitational fields.  That is the picture you see we are going into a magnetic field shift soon.  As you see during a reversal everything becomes confused.  These magnetic fields extend thousands of miles into space and prevent just say layman’s terms radioactive particles, X rays, Gamma rays etc. from entering our atmosphere which would instantly fry us like a microwave.

Which is the judgement in the Old Testament the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a level of individual nature involved in that narrative that is where I reside on a micro level.

None the less each of us create an electromagnetic field around us that is caused by our nerves that course through our bodies and it culminates in our skull like looking at the magnetic North Pole.   That is where you see the heat transference like in the wintertime the heat from our bodies escapes from our skulls which house’s our minds.   We all have geomagnetic receptors in our eyes that keeps us for all intents and purpose a sense of direction levelheaded.  We are electrically charged.

Keeping that in mind and the Quantum states of chemical and biological physics of organisms.  If you do not provide a stimulus then the organism decays and dies over time.

To accomplish a herculean feat as it would seem and it is a broad stroke of the brush across 300 million people in America.  You simply keep them illiterate through the colleges and the religions that are created.  You alter their geomagnetic fields [reasoning] to distort their perceptions of events.  You keep them illiterate through controlled education.  This is one of many reasons I hate churches it is just a power grab for your ATM card.

Case In point to alter morality;

If you are in a state of relaxation you quit learning and gaining knowledge and understanding as stated per the Word.  Then relaxation has a price to pay.  Example; if someone is about to cross a dangerous bridge and we are aware that the bridge is about to collapse, and they aren’t.  Those without a magnetic field dancing around in their brain would think it would not be immoral to cross that bridge. Those with a field gaily [ cheerful or lighthearted way] capering [skipping or dancing about] through their neurons think that, as long as this hypothetical person made to the other side in one piece, then there is no real moral problem.

Judging the morality of a situation by outcome makes any crimes with, “attempted” in their description no longer crimes at all. It takes away a person’s intentions and bases morality entirely on what happens to occur.  Morality then becomes a matter of chance.

To reestablish an equilibrium in a person then you have to deal with absolutes when it comes to foundational structures of morality.  That is what I teach to all who listen.

We need something that is time tested and had withstood the forces of time simply put;

“Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s.”

Just for clarification a manservant and a maidservant that is your children male or female that sit at your feet and listen you.

The point being people lose their minds when they are fed lies.  That is what you see in America and around the world.  People and children losing their minds because they the powers to be altered the education both in the church and the schools.

Going back to Amos there is a repeated statement, “For three transgressions of, and for four.

What that is saying is that I have told you 3 times to turn your eyes to the heavens especially the young ladies out and talk to your Father put him on speed dial.  You’re his Daughter your are not under judgement of the soul of man.  He will come to you 3 times always in the even in the cool of the night in your dreams.  If you turn your eyes away.  Then you spirit will burn in the fires of Nebuchadnezzar the fourth person.  Like the fires of Sodom and Gomorrah.

On the other side of the coin you young men out there better turn your ways and serve the helpmeet that the Father gave you and listen to her.  Or your judgement will be greater and some of you already know that.

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I was born Free and I will die Free.  I never left my post in 50 yrs, Me.

I was born a Virgin I will die a Virgin , Sandra J.

The Judgement you called upon your Heads 


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  1. Wow great post very well put, clear and to the point. your discernment is a gift, thank you for sharing that gift. Your words point straight to the father, words that open eyes and point out the obvious. This blog, your words will save those who are seeking truth. Thank you!



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