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Nathum 1,2,3

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Nahum means the comforter.  He predicted the fall of Nineveh around 612 BC and the fall of Thebes, Eygpt in 663 BC.  Which is interesting because the Roman Catholic Church consolidated its power over the city states in and around Europe around 612 AD.  Then Muhammad the illustrious prophet started consolidating his power over the Bedouin Arabs, these were the people that sold their females into slavery and sex to the cities of Babylon from ports on the Persian Gulf:  and the Quardish Arabs, who lived in the cities of Mecca and Medina that the Jewish people made into cosmopolitan cities in the early part of the First century 132 AD.  Muhammad started consolidating power around 612 AD then consolidating power in 682 AD.  Unifying the whole Arabian lands.

Nahum is talking about the destruction of the enemies of the Jewish people.  The city of Nineveh which sits across from modern day Mosul.    It was the largest city in the world for some fifty years until the year 612 BC when, after a bitter period of civil war in Assyria, it was sacked by a coalition of its former subject peoples, the BabyloniansMedesChaldeansPersiansScythians and Cimmerians.

It applies to America because we are being overrun with the illegals from the Eastern Sun, Mexicans, Pakistan, India, Asians, Africans and those that are loyal to themselves Congress.  America will fall that is a given it will fall in due season and the rest of the world’s nations will fall also.  Simply economics notwithstanding the seasons are changing.  The world’s currency is not backed by any standard.  Steal all the wealth you want it is worthless paper money.  Pestilence, disease it is already on our shores.   As of 2017 the world’s debt stood a 67 trillion dollars with no standard to back it.  Simply mathematics your fubared destroying yourselves.  Now they are going to Bit Currency which is a made up monetary value.  Its worth is in the eye of the beholder.  When the world collapses I will be taken in the air to the Mountain of my Fathers.

s.  Look to the heavens the changing seasons and you will see that the end for America will be soon.  Those that see return to your Father the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The rest of you curse you way out of things and remain depressed and say frivolous prayers to the gods of ANU.

To Interpret Monolatry use this link, I am not a Hebrew or any of Man’s Religions ;     Hebrew Alphabet  

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I am not a Hebrew or Christian or Islam I not enslaved by any man or government or religion.

The Judgement you called upon your Heads 



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Pelosi Says Thanks, Now Give Us Nationwide ‘Amnesty’

After the president was forced to scrap his ICE Raid, thanks to a leak from the head of the DHS, Nancy Pelosi is now demanding nationwide amnesty that would result in 10 million new slave voters for democrats.

Pelosi is a drunk and she is a Methodist an offshoot of the Catholic Church in Rome.

Sanders: Deporting Illegal Aliens For Breaking the Law is ‘Not Appropriate’

Bernie Sanders is Jewish he is saying it is ok for the illegals to break the law but not for the Law abiding citizen.  When you take away the Law you have anarchy .

Open Borders by the Pope and Islam in America


Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam have the quarter moon and Christians have the cross and the Taw.

Islam have always been the Mercenaries of the Popes, hired Guns

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