777 /1 BC-NUN-1 AD / 777 Zech. 5




Gen. 1: 1-31


Zech 4


Everything is in the 7’s One Mountain is lower then the other Mountain then there are two witnesses standing next to you.  the 3rd one told you of these things.

Zech 5

Those that wish to understand the images contact me via email.  I will teach you what the Old Testament is talking about.  I am Monolatry like the ancient Semitic/ Hebrews.

Zach. is talking about dreams that are actually one and the same.  Both carry a judgement for the individual.  It has happen twice in the past history of the world and there is one to go against the world soon.  When the magnetic North goes further to the West then the True North will follow in a twinkling of an eye.  You will as they say flip out like a bad acid trip, a microdot trip of colors then Boom out go the Lights for good.

To Interpret Monolatry use this link;     Hebrew Alphabet

The Judgement you called upon your Heads 



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the ice operation will begin on sunday aiming to apprehend up to 2 000 undocumented immigrants in up to 10 cities

She as well a Bernie Sanders are calling for civil war to break out with the young people to go after the wealth of the nation and individuals>>>>

Pelosi said in a statement on Saturday that while many Americans will attend religious services Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will carry out ‘Trump authorized’ “heartless raids.”“It is my hope that before Sunday, leaders of the faith-based community and other organizations that respect the dignity and worth of people will call upon the President to stop this brutal action which will tear families apart and inject terror into our communities,” Pelosi wrote.The ICE operation will begin on Sunday aiming to apprehend up to 2,000 undocumented immigrants in up to 10 cities.

You astute little christians ought to remember the parable about the rich man and the beggars.  The rich man always threw crumbs on the ground and like dogs that fought over the crumbs.  You people in the Southern Hemisphere think you are going to get the wealth of the nations you to are going to get crumbs then everyone will fight amongst themselves and draw blood.   Me I am going to feast with my Father and watch from above.

Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam have the quarter moon and Christians have the cross and the Taw.

Islam have always been the Mercenaries of the Popes, hired Guns

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Challenger Deep

Birth Canal

  Texas Rattlesnake

Two Fangs

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