Sumerian Gods 666 BC-0-AD 666 RAPE SURVIVOR I



In the beginning Father created:

Father created the female by the Strength of his Arms, the Angular Organ, then made her Creation a helpmeet to the male.

Father created the male then the male formed himself with the knowledge of Good and Evil.

Then the Man formed with the knowledge of good and evil raped Creation the continuation of Fathers Creation the Female.

Man the Fallen Angel


Then Men Raped

  the Female

Words from a Rape survivor I received  from a young Lady.  She gave me permission to reprint her testimony to help the young ladies out there that have been raped or molested;

I could not sleep the images of that event came back to me.  I have blocked it out of my whole life.  I don’t know why it came back.  Ron, it was horrible, I never told anyone.  I remember I could not move, I remember the pain, I remember more then one man,  I remember pleading and begging don,t, don’t I remember the blood on my shirt,  I remember being thrown to the ground.  I remember pleading,…….

I remember trying to walk on a street not knowing where I was.  I remember the hospital.  I remember I had no one to turn to.  Know one to tell.  It has been locked up inside of me for so long.  What if I was pregnant.

You said once that these events will help us understand others because of the pain.  Maybe I had to go through it again to get rid of the pain.

I am going to lay down for awhile.

She was asleep for half her life.

The Depression was the worst, it affected me, my whole life, every relationship failed because of it.  I feel the pain has been released. I will never let anything or anyone do anything or say anything like this to me again. 

I did not know how bad it was hurting my spirit till today. It holds you down thoe you think you are rising above it all.

The Father held my hand through it all, you were by my side through it all.

I will always be with you. My Father never left me, I just got lost for a moment.

I will love you forever into eternity.

I introduce her to her Father in the last 2 months.  Yesterday into the even of night was Her rest the 7th Day.


The Judgement you called upon your Heads soon

Your Bosoms will burn like Fire



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Wine Press

Don,t Panic Cos God Ain’t

Man 666

His mouth is in the shape of a Dal

[ “Listening to a conversation the other day, made me realise that many of us think that God gets surprised, or goes into panic mode when things go wrong. We may be surprised by the unexpected,  because we believe just because we’re good or doing the right thing, then we are exempt from trouble.”]




Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam have the quarter moon and Christians have the cross.

Islam have always been the Mercenaries of the Popes, hired Guns

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Blood flows from the Temples

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Two Pelvic Bones

  Texas Rattlesnake

Two Fangs

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