Sumerian Semitic Hebrew/ 5666 BC [2666.] RAPE III/II






Gen. 40 : 1-23

Judgment against the Shepherds of the Church and the Men that are Heads of Households and the Woman that follow them

To understand the words of Gen 40; that were written 4 thousand BC by the ones that did not walk in the ways of men.  You have to interpret the words and images that came down from the Father like rain.  You start at the Bottom, Tenkel III , reading each image from the right to the left.  Tenkel is half of 14 the last Summons on the 6th day of Creation.  Judgement comes on the even the night on the 6th and the morning of the 7th.

A Day is like a thousand years, 4000 BC.

Reading the First line of image III, the star is Lucifer, Isa. 14 shines like a shining star.

Second line V is the covering

The 3 Lines with the 3 Triangles denotes a river.  This represents the Chandlers Deep the Birth canal into the Fires of Judgment.

The First Basket is the Roman Catholic Church the Crossed sticks is called the Taw.  This is the Pope and His Woman the Church.

The pin that is vertical with the Two Triangles represents this.  You believe that Jesus is your savior you will run around with your head cut off.

Rev. 20:4—I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus.

Man is the only One born with a soul.  Females are born with only a spirit of Creation.  Man rapes them and imparts his soul to the female’s.

Lk. 23: 34—Then said Jesus, Father forgive them; for they know not what they do”

Two witnesses from the present going to the past.

The other two Baskets are Christianity and Islam they are joined at the neck of the Roman Catholic Church.  The horizontal line with the two triangles touching all 3 Baskets and the line with the arrow points to the two baskets.  All 3 are in judgement.

The next line that is vertical with One Triangle, with what looks like a cup is the head of the Roman Catholic Church and the heads of Christianity and Islam.

The 2 arrows pointing down from that vertical line are the males and the females, Gen. 1: 27 that the 3 heads raped the females and cut their guts out, the spirit of their nature to bled on the ground and die, Eze. 37,” Field of Bones”.

The 7 circles represents the star, females whose blood, spirits are dripping into the Chalice.  Men who  to be your Sheppard’s in life, in the Family you grew up in.  This includes the Woman who stood by and let the Man rape and molested your females.

That is represented by the 3 trees in descending order, Husband, Wife and their children.  They will all be thrown into the Fires of Chandler Deep.  The same way you threw the babies [male and female] into the fires of abortions and rape.

Into the Fires of Baal and Chemosh days ago. [2 Kings 23:13]

The Religions East of the Indus rivers have been in Judgement for the last 6 days.

Africa your already in Judgement because you entertaining the 3 spinning Baskets for the last 6 days.

The Second Image is the same as the 3rd when it flips in a twinkling of an Eye.  Look to the heavens.

Men always look at the female’s bosom’s then rapes them that is their nature then they hide behind the vestures and raiments of the Church.  Then Men preach that you are guilty of causing them to rape and molest you. And the Woman bang your heads against the wall shaming you into submission.

And the Uncle went crazy before He died.  Gas prices will go up in 2 days around the world.  There are always 2 Judgements.  Then 3 Witnesses.

TENKEL  >>>>>>> III

4000 BC

” Raping Babies”

The Judgement you called upon your Heads soon



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Wine Press

Transgender, gender diverse, and intersex Victorians will no longer be required to undergo gender reassignment surgery to change the sex on their birth certificate, under new proposed laws. If the bill is passed, the state Labor government will introduce a new law to parliament which would permit applicants to self-nominate the sex on their birth certificate.




Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam have the quarter moon and Christians have the cross.

Islam have always been the Mercenaries of the Popes, hired Guns


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Challenger Deep

Birth Canal

  Texas Rattlesnake
Two Fangs

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