Sumerian Semitic Hebrew/ 5186 BC [2666.] RAPE




Gen. 40 : 1-23

Judgment against the Church, the Shepherds of the Church and the Men that follow the Church.

Raping the Daughters of Creation then hiding in the Sanctuary of the Bosom of Man.

Leaving them feeling guilty and asking their Father that created them to forgive them, your a bunch of dogs that use your tongues to lap the blood and wine. Eat Dung and Drink Piss Christianity.


4000 BC

“Baby Killers”

The Judgement you called upon your Heads soon



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Wine Press




Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam have the quarter moon and Christians have the cross.

Islam have always been the Mercenaries of the Popes, hired Guns


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Challenger Deep

Birth Canal

  Texas Rattlesnake
Two Fangs

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8 thoughts on “Sumerian Semitic Hebrew/ 5186 BC [2666.] RAPE

  1. Hey! Haha! Synchronistic timing. Your inscription is interesting. It speaks familiarity to me, of a past long ago vaguely remembered but known. Creation is made beautiful until the unworthy corrupt it, manipulate and distill the essence of what once was, only to recreate it again but now position themselves as the lords. Perpetual motion and cycle of being. We are the new gods, the old ones, the heroes, the victims and the villains. How many times must this charade continue, until humanity unearths the true heart of thee issue.

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    1. You asked me one time why the woman is veiled in the Word. I did not quite give you a good answer. There is only one judgement it is against men only not the woman.

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      1. That’s very sweet of you to claim, and there may be some truth in it. But it is not a complete and clear distinction as such. There are many ways to read the words which one is presented, and each reading will reveal a new intention and perception that has been encoded into the concept… there are only so many lines and sounds and combinations conceivable and comprehensible to communicate on this realm. Meaning and essence will overlap and become confused as they curl and tangle around eachother. A different perception is not necessarily a bad thing, like perfect complementary pairs – two angles when combined form a 180° line. Direction along that line doesn’t matter, for stubborn beneficiary forces a foundation for form.

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      2. I am sorry there ain’t dear. I know exactly what it is Saying I studied the old manuscripts I looked at the old cuneiform script and sanskrit there in no mistake. I am very calculating and logical. I don’t take one source and make a case out of it. I look at multiple sources and disciplines.


      3. Of course. I am saying that what is clear as day to you is not necessarily going to be the same for others. We’re all influenced to see and read and hear things a certain way based on what we’ve been exposed to.
        Like something as neutral as a blade. It may be seen as a weapon, or a tool, or a cooking utensil, or a decorative symbol. These are all correct, it doesn’t make any different opinion wrong or worse than the other. It is about context, and what we choose to do with these tools and these things – that’s what matters.
        In movement or mechanics, you can have a force that pushes and a force that pulls. They are opposite, but work in tandem towards a common goal. It does not make the “pusher” or “puller” any better or worse than its counter.
        I am certain you have been very logical and exact in your methods. I only argue that your way is not the only way, and it does not do well to negate any of the other many various ways people have done as they have done.
        No one will ever understand everything as easily or clearly as you want them to, or think/hope they will.
        You say men are to be judged, that’s why women are hidden in the scriptures. That paints a picture of women as innocent and blameless, precious damsels that must be protected. I see it differently. But that’s okay. Everyone has their own burden to bear, price to pay, debts to settle, roles to play.


      4. 90° is an angle, a cornerstone. It is a crook, hard and bent.
        180° will make it a triangle, strong and structured, a complete construct. Or an infinite plane, an unwavering point to line up and measure, perceive and position parallel or parallax.


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