Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3919. ” Bastard Men of the Altars of America”

Heavy Combat Operations 

Welcome to My World NO MANS LAND


1st Infantry Div

1st Division 

Black Horse, Black Knights

2nd 2nd Cav Air Assault

4th 12th Air Cav

506th Air Assault

1st Cavalry Division CSIB.png

Image result for 11th acr unit patch


Image result for 10th mountain division

10th Mountain Div


Image result for big red 1
Big Red 1

Combat Operations  

11th ACR Black Knights

10th Mountain Div

Puff the Magic Dragon

AC 130 Gunship

50th TFW


You think I am mean RATTLESNAKE you just woke up, Mountain Lion Creation and Father opened her eyes on the even 7th day I rested now your days are number.  You churches are going to burn in fires like Sodom and Gomorrah.  I asked the Father at 12 noon to rise the sleeping Giants of America.  Game on those who play god and lord.  Those who worship , god and lord and jesus and christ you worship the goats of the Egyptian their gods and goddesses.  The Battles are in the atmosphere above your heads look up the seasons are changing earthquakes in Cleveland Ohio and the Socialist’s are taking babble and oil tankers blowing up in the Straits of Hormuz by the time you wake gas prices will jump. The sold you out .  You men that preach this garbage will go back to where you came from the dust of the Earth.

There will be no mercy or grace for you you have been killing the women and babies for  50 yrs now and you could have stopped but you told the men to lower their arms.  Moses told me to raise my arms.


I had no idea I was the continuation of creation, my whole life I was lied to by man. Mike and I were just talking about this, Woman is created above man. The Father assigned Woman to continue creation. It makes me very mad, man cast us in the role of a perpetrator, that we should cover ourselves, that we are the cause man’s sin that it is always Woman’s fault, I did not do anything I was just there, It WAS NOT MY FAULT. man did a con job on me I was led to believe what i was told, I have tacitly agreed my whole life to the role that I played. It is only now I realize, that though I went along it was because of the role I was cast in and not a choice that I made. Well now I know and I choose me, standing on the Word of the Father. . Man took advantage of me. All this time we as Women have had the power given to us by the Father and men knew it. So they pushed me into the dirt, said I was not good enough, used me and tossed me aside. Called me names, made me feel less as a human. Men would go extinct if not for the Woman. Mike said he was surprised to learn that the Woman have so much authority in the power structure of the Creator. For the least among you all, the same shall be great, the Father of creation called on us to be a help meet to him (man) therefore assigning the position of the greatest. It’s all there, it’s all in the Words of our Father

Related image

Image result for archbishop ny dolan    Islam has the quarter moon and Christians have the cross.

From the Head of One are the droplets of blood the tassels except theirs is missing the legs on the Ghah, the Crown is red like the Cardinal and  sits on a White throne.  Who looks like the morning star.

Image result for ghah hebrew image

Image result for roman catholic church rome coat of arms



I will shew unto thee the judgment of the great whore that sitteth upon many waters:

 for they are all delivered unto death, to the nether parts of the earth, in the midst of the children of men, with them that go down to the pit.




Image result for image upside down t

Wine Press

One Wheel Standing spinning counter clockwise

One Wheel Spinning Standing Still

One Wheel Spinning clockwise

Wine Press

Image result for image t

Image result for ghah hebrew image

Image result for big red 1 patch

Challenger Deep
Birth Canal
Hell on Wheels 
  Texas Rattlesnake
Two Fangs

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