Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3948. “Judgement Sunday/ Behind the Moon Stands Venus”


Venus the Shinning Star in the Western Night Skies

The Gods flow unto our shores and The rose from the 3 SEAS.  The colors of Topaz and the eyes of a Snake black like the color of Onyx.

Heavy Combat Operations Next 3 Nights

Welcome to My World NO MANS LAND



1st Division 

Black Horse, Black Knights

2nd 2nd Cav Air Assault

4th 12th Air Cav

506th Air Assault

1st Cavalry Division CSIB.png

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10th Mountain Div


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Big Red 1
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        TAV Crossed Swords

Combat Operations Never Stopped 

11th ACR Black Knights, Vietnam

10th Mountain Div

Puff the Magic Dragon

AC 130 Gunship

50th TFW



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Ghah has two meanings look down then look up like a spinning wheel. Jacobs ladder.  The time of Noah is approaching.  Because you called my Father a “Baby Killer” when in fact it is your Father that worships the Trinity. The Head of a Goat.  Kneel an worship to you gods the Alpha and the Omega that is the 12 Wheel Spinning.  Your standing in the Cross Hairs of the Beams of Light and Darkness.

Ghah is the 13th letter from the top and the 13th letter to the bottom. Your Alpha and Omega.  I opened the First Door the DAL.

Between the EVEN there is the MEME the Sun has past by you unto the night. The 9 and 3 MEME comes twice.  Between the 2 it becomes half the Tekel.


Tekel Measures of Weight pressing down on you from your temples

Uphar/SIN,  “UPHAR” Comes from the Hindu means ,”Canteen

My people have wandered in the deserts of the wilderness for 65 yrs in search of their Father.

I called by name twice the sons of AAron to take the staff with the Brass Head of The Rattlesnake and lay it down at the feet of the Temples in you cities each border by One SEA and the deserts where the land is barren.

To the daughter that exposes your bosoms in the wilderness I suggest you take cover and become comely.  The one who sits on the even the 12’s

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Ancient Semitic/Hebrew symbol, Ghah means rope the 26th letter of the Ancient Semitic symbols it has two meanings lookup and what do you see?

1st Pelvic Bone
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TET is the 13th Letter of the ancient Semitic/Hebrew Alphabet

M is the 13th letter of the English Alphabet.

13 days at the Alamo

13 days TET Offensive
4 Witnesses like angels

Turning Point TET Offensive 1968

One Wheel Standing spinning counter clockwise

One Wheel Spinning Standing Still

Turning in both directions simultaneously that is the 11th Wheel Spinning 


One Wheel Spinning clockwise

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                 MEM Chaos Mighty Blood

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2nd Pelvic Bone

Challenger Deep
Birth Canal

I am a Combat Veteran of Many Battlefields, 1959- 1975 Vietnam.

United States Army and United States Air Force

2 Honorable Discharges

Duty Honour and Courage

Hell on Wheels 
  Texas Rattlesnake
With Two Fangs