I revealed the 5th Wheel Spinning Two will Follow

11th ACR, “Black Horse, Black Knights riding with the swordsmen and the axe men

It came to me in a vision;  Each wheel spinning each had 50,000 Eyes.  Around the lid was the color of Emeralds and the center was the color of Onyx .  Radiating from the center, top to bottom, side to side, like Four spokes. There came Four other spokes radiating to the Top left from the West and Three spokes radiating to the bottom right from the East.  Two wheels are spinning  to the West and Two wheels will follow from the North.  Time on the even since the 4 seasons began.  Three spokes will turn to the North. Four spokes will turn to the South. 4 Wheels spinning pressing around you.  9 spokes spinning.  3 will see, one will stay, one will go.

One Wheel spinning to the Right and One Wheel spinning to the Left.

Each One is Standing Tall

Methuselah brings Death 

The handwriting I saw in the mist and then He left.  

To those that can hear let them hear to those that can not hear close their eyes.

I showed you my hands last night on the even.  The great minds the Kings of America could not interpret the 5th Wheel, written in ancient cuneiform script. He came to me last night on the Black Horse.  And spoke these things to me.  5 wheels are spinning Two Wheels will come soon.

Kim daughter of Ohio you opened the heavens spinning above your head. You opened the 7th seal; The 5th Wheel spinning and the 6th Wheel pressing down from My Father.  Soon you will see the 7th Wheel pressing on all sides.

1 And at that time shall Ron stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people: and there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time: and at that time thy people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book of Good and Evil.

2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.

I went to the store this morning before I had my morning coffee.  I bought cig.  usually I buy 3 pks this morning I bought 4 pks.  The total came up to exactly to the year 1972. I looked twice at the total and he came to me again and spoke these words.  This is the year that the Churches and parents of America started feeding my babies into the fires of the Abortion clinics in the sanctuary cities and back alleys where no one could see, my sons and my daughters.  Every time weather I was on the field or off,  as they used to tell me, “You got them lit them up”.

You used to tell me in the center of the city, I would go to Hell.  That was my Alpha and Omega you, you, you told me because you,you,you told me to kneel and bow to your 3 Gods and the 2 Woman who stand on the 2 shores in the harbour of 2 great cities, One of the Past and One in the Present.  You worship the Goat and AMEN to ANU the Gods of Eygpt whose heads are those of a Goat.

There was a young woman that on the even that sat at the feet of the 11 Judges that have gone before her.  She Judges Creation with the fist of a Man the angular organ.  Why this is important to understand.  She returned to her Father as a Virgin on the even.

In Christianity you worship and kneel before the Virgin. In Islam you worship the Virgin and then you are told that if the male dies they will receive 72 Virgins once they meet Allah,  Mohammed told you this.  The Popes told you to kneel before the Virgin in 1129 on the 9’s.

The Goat herders that came across the birth canal from the Mountains of the wilderness into the deserts of the Middle East and the deserts of India and fowled the waters of the 3 great rivers. You broke the hymens of 9 yr old females the waters turned red  and at age 16 you cast them into the deserts to die. These are the 72 Virgins you speak of, you will see First when you open your eyes then by your own words, the younger daughter then you will see the older sister by your own words, that you have deflowered the older sister will be recycled as Virgins to have your Way.  By your own words you speak of such things.

Here is the Judgement you called upon your heads; Christianity and Islam;

35 Virgins, young Daughters,  35 Virgins, older Sisters , 72 x 2, 144,000 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2…..666…7. Each after its own kind.

My people  came unto mount Ararat male and female 2 x 2 each after its own kind.  My people crossed through the Kashmere Pass and across the mountains of Zagros into the wilderness went unto the mount little Aramat as it is called in the wilderness and sat at my feet and listened in silence.  Those that hear my words will ascend mount Big Aramat as it is called in the wilderness  and ascended into the heavens.  My fortress has two towers and two mountains and my walls that surround her have two Gates. One opens that hear and One closes that cannot see the handwriting on the Wall.  Have it your way into the birth canal of the Challenger Deep because you going in head first then you will stand like the Iron Man who worshiped the Goat and burn 144000 x 2 x 2 x 2………….

The Woman that sat before the 11 Judges on the even will see these words when she opens her eyes this morning.  She told me one time, You stepped in the, Bull Shit, You called down the Thunder and Hell will flow out of the sky and the 4 Black Horses will ride across the land across between the two great SEAS.

Jewish people in America your still contending with me, you worshipped the Goat from the Past, Jewish Calendar 6000, you called your own Judgement.  When you worshipped the goat herders of the desert and the God Anu the Supreme Ruler of darkness with the goat head. You think Jesus comes in the year 2049 play the odds.  There are 4 seasons, 8 quarters,  America is playing on the odds on the 9 look to the heavens and you will see the Thunder of the Black Knights the swordsman and the axe men.


 I feel like making some noise;.. he made the female……..you, you,you, Fight the RATTLESNAKE that rose up before the 3 gods of America  and their virgins, you, you, you,you and you five faces spinning 2 faces to go.  Till you are thrown head first into the fires of the Challenger Deep you,you,you,you,you,you as One male by One female into the Ark of Darkness each after its own kind .  There are 2 sides of every sword and they are both sharp and cut the bones.

I AM going to let the Thunder strike you I will be back on the even in 2.  Then for 7 days I will serve you,you, and you serve you a notice a summons.

AC is positive energy  it will burn you,  DC is negative energy the fields of Quantum energy the 3rd is in the mist. You the 4th person walking in the fires.

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  1. Acca dacca! Hah! You choose a song from my WyrdPriss playlist, which I titled as ‘sirens’ on my page… Song #13 on Volume 2. Burning bush swallows their nightingale.


    1. The people that came out of the ancient lands that crossed the 3 Great River in Gen, were called the Black Headed Peoples. They did not come from Africa. They had 300 different languages, the Tower of Babel tells you this in so many words. You burn in the desert sun your mind turns Evil. Into Darkness.

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