4 Wheels Spinning 2 are Turning 2 Will Follow

11th ACR, “Black Horse, Black Knights riding with the swordsmen and the axe men

It came to me in a vision;  Each wheel spinning each had 50,000 Eyes.  Around the lid was the color of Emeralds and the center was the color of Onyx .  Radiating from the center, top to bottom, side to side, like Four spokes. There came Four other spokes radiating to the Top left from the West and Three spokes radiating to the bottom right from the East.  Two wheels are spinning  to the West and Two wheels will follow from the North.  Time on the even since the 4 seasons began.  Three spokes will turn to the North. Four spokes will turn to the South. 4 Wheels spinning pressing around you.  9 spokes spinning.  3 will see, one will stay, one will go.

One Wheel spinning to the Right and One Wheel spinning to the Left.

Each One is Standing Tall

Methuselah brings Death 

The handwriting I saw in the mist and then He left.  

To those that can hear let them hear to those that can not hear close their eyes.

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  1. Rigel wary of your revelations. Meditate and ruminate upon how/what you see what it is you reveal. Always with you, much love 🙏 Phanuel, Kerubiel & Jehoel. Merkava, Radiole. Metatron.


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