Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3955. sec/ “Going Down”


Welcome to My World NO MANS LAND

Combat Operations Resume 


Two Queens that are Battle Harden Combat Troops

I will be looking down I never took my eyes off you, 7.111111111111117………>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The Abyss, Challenger Deep, in the Pacific Ocean.  It is 7 miles deep, 36,200 ft.  Here is an image;

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Welcome to My World in NO MAN’S LAND in  the womb Challenger Deep the two Thigh Bones.

At the very bottom is a black well that goes into the darkness they do not know how deep it goes. For 3 days and 3 nights the Spirits of My Soldiers will encompass your house for 6 days warning you from the even to the even.

I was sitting drinking my morning coffee and the Thunder clouds were rolling by and raining.  It never rains in June here in Texas they are headed North where it is 100 degrees this morning.

I made a covenant with my My Father to save America. Give me one last Combat Mission before I go home.  I AM sick and tired of you insolent children that are running around disturbing my Peace and Quiet.

5 The depths have covered them: they sank into the bottom as a stone.


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Related image
The Abyss of the Mariana Trench

Avg life span 68. 23 yrs between two points and in the middle is 35 yrs.

Times of King Nebukkanner around 68.2

Between the books of the Old Testament and the New Testament it is 35 yrs.  Augustus Caesar jumped time from 1 BC to 1 Ad.  What is in the Middle? You.

Time of Abraham life span was 18 yrs old the further you go in the past age drops.

52 weeks  2 ÷ 2 ÷ 2 ÷ 2 ÷ 2= 1.629 sec every day.   6 days ÷ 2 = 3. secs.  You have 3. secs to decide to hear my words or roll the dice on the even the night on the 6th. Time will stop for 3 secs for you to ask for Mercy from my Judgement I sit on the Council of the Elders with My Father. If you look at the Challenger Deep it looks like a Birth Canal of the Darkness.  Wait till the Queen who sits with the Judgement of 11 takes you to task the ones that shed the blood of her daughters.

I am a Combat Veteran of many Battlefields, 1836, 1944, 1971 Vietnam.

Europe 1978 East German and Czechoslovakia Border  

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

Chosin Ridge 1950

Battle of Bastogne 1944

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above

  Texas Rattlesnake

With Two Fangs

12 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3955. sec/ “Going Down”

  1. For their crimes they will hang. Upside down until they surpass the point of singular perspectives. A test of spirit, survival or transcendence.


  2. Headed down into the Challenger Deep is just a physical reality the times of the ancients could not have known about but someone gave them the words to speak into existence.

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    1. Words. The origin of language heard but not seen. It was discovered listening to the winged ones. Birds, or angels, or aliens, or lights, or whatever.
      Beneath, under or below – the ocean or ground.. That is language or communication sensed and felt, but not perceived. Vibrational, ambience, taste.


      1. Put yourself back 4000 Bc listen the the sounds of silence not the songs of Nature.What did they see around them . Not the animals they already knew that. What did they hear from the heavens.


      2. You cannot hear silence. You feel it. The words come not through holes in your head, but felt within.


      3. Your understanding what I am saying. You see images. You talk to your babies in silence that cannot understand what you are saying for awhile them they mimic back your vocal tones.

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      4. Yeah, I understand! Speaking is a comfort and a play thing. We say nonsense words and make noises with our mouths to entertain children. It is through presence, the touch, holding and being held (also, through the skin one can pick up on sensation like temperature, vibrations, texture, pressure. If one feels exposed or secure.


      5. The ancient semitic people of the Middle East the cradle of Civilization. Between the Tigris and the floodplains of the Euphrates river. The first written religion came from there in cuneiform script. In the city of UR, 3500 BC.


      6. The Sumerians? What of it? Oh my, this is exciting. Enki was mine and I his. An and Ki came together and from there… spiral out across all emanated dimensions shift thrift rife split splice life rush gush push place high up dust down thrown around ground mound burning empyre of dirt surmount profound astound standing upon the mountains that were conjured by the utterance of the breath imbued with the word
        The kur gen… babies first crawl, before they are ready to rise each plane


      7. I go back into the wilderness between the Zagros mountains and the Pakistan Mountains the two cradles of civilization. In the wilderness in NO MAN’S LAND. The 7 great religions of the world come from this two cradles. I read a cuneiform script one time that pointed to this area about 6000 BC. I might recreate some time. They could not interpret it. It came out of the Library of the Oxford University I figured it from the Old Testament. The learned men learned how to read the Egyptians hieroglyphs and the ancient Cuneiform script and the pictographs from the Old Testament. It is all images that are in the body of Old Testament. I see the images and the complex mathematical structures that govern us in states of quantum fields, time and space. ect….It is the image of a common man who saw something or someone in between the Two mountains. I have read some of the cuneiform script. It takes 6 yrs to read it I saw the image in a matter of about 6 months. I can write it to a certain degree .

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