Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3956 >> BC/ > IRON MAN>

Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

You are in my world now,>>>>>NO MAN’S LAND>>>MY FATHER, 12 KINGS, 12 JUDGES,



Intelligent Design I well aware of missing words sometimes missing commas and things like that.  I AM pausing your mind for a split second to think.  I want the image to burn in your Temples.

You come into my World I’m going to see what you are made of.  I will set you down across from me.  One of my Daughters is going to bring two glasses and set them down and then my other Daughters are going to bring a bottle of Captain Morgan and pour it in the glasses.  Then my other Daughters are going to bring my 44 mag with one shell, 250 gr. bullet and put it in the chamber and spin it closed.  Lay it down in front of me and I AM going to put it to my Temples and pull the Trigger and She is going to pick it up and set it down in Front you. To see what you are made of a Man or a Goat.  It is only for me to know if I did these things or not .  Its is for you to find out roll dice pull that trigger 3 times.

We did that in Vietnam it was a real game the same thing in the spiritual darkness of NO MAN’S LAND.

They are going to see what you are made of they are looking at your eyes.


Welcome to My World in NO MAN’S LAND in  the womb between the two Pelvic Bones.

I will be looking down I never took my eyes off you, 7.111111111111117………>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I am a Combat Veteran of many Battlefields, 1836, 1944, 1971 Vietnam.

Europe 1978 East German and Czechoslovakia Border  

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

Chosin Ridge 1950

Battle of Bastogne 1944

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above

  Texas Rattlesnake

With Two Fangs