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I wrote about what they used to in Vietnam, playing a game, you get a revolver , put one shell in the chamber, spin the cylinder and point it at your head and pull the trigger.  I did it twice for my troops.  These are children, young men 18, 19 yrs old in a combat zone.

They wanted to know in their minds that if I led them in combat would I faltered and cowered , showed fear in the heat of the battle.  If I did then I was no different then them and they would not listen to me.  So I did it one night because my men challenged me.  I already knew from statistical averages.  I could get away with it twice.  The third time the odds are not in my favor. I did it, it was either die off the field of combat or in the field of combat.  My men followed me anywhere in or out of combat zones.  To get a good idea what a leader is, what he is made of.  Find an old movie called, “We were soldiers Once” produced by Mel Gibson.  A true story about the first Air Assault units in Vietnam around  1964, 1st 75th Infantry Div.  The insertion of infantry units by helicopters into the heart of enemy territory.  Like the  Col. in that movie, he never showed fear, because if he did the troops would not listen to him.  That Col. was scared but he would never show it to his troops.

Now when we bring back to civilian life.  We always assume that the guy behind the altar knew what he was talking about.  Because he told us and preached to us not to challenged his authority because his authority had been around since the Reformation in the 1600,s.  Plus it came from his god.  That is what you call a half Lie.  A half lie the difference between the first 7 days of your creation the day the Father rested and the 8th day..Gen 17:12 And he that is eight days old shall be circumcised and it is talking about the male child, Gen.1:27 male and female….You sit your children down and tell them that there is only one Father.  That is why Abraham is called the” Father of all Nations”.  It goes deeper then that in the spiritual realm.

The , “Father of all Nations” That would be my new follower, Williamkara.  I looked at his picture and the title of his blog, Make money at home he is selling something.  Nonetheless,  He is a young man married with a wife and they have a baby. He is the “Father of His Nation”.  He is the Authority figure over his family.  It threw a red flag up in the title,”Make money at home”.  I don’t sell you anything, I lay the word out before your eyes and you determine my Authority.  I am not interested in gaining new followers.

Father of all Nations in the physical reality;

My immediate family,I am the oldest Man , 65 yrs, then my wife,65yrs ,my sons, their wives, their children. Makes me a Father.

Father of all Nations in the spiritual realm;

I have 146 followers from around the world they are either single or married or even living together.  They are sons and daughters to me.  I am teaching them who their Father is in Gen, the first 34 sentences, each after its own kind male or female, each one male or female is a nation unto itself separately together they become a different nation unto themselves.  They hold hands and create a New World from the world where they came from.

So when you see in the New Testament, Jn. 3:16…….For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Well I am a common man who had two Begotten Sons they both came from my loins.  You look at Gen. 6, it says the sons of men…..????  You look at Abraham he had two Begotten Sons, Isaac and Ishmael, look at Adam and Eve they had two Begotten Sons, Cain and Abel.  You look at Gen. 1:27 created male and female,  there is one Begotten Son who is told to cleave to one Begotten Female.  Correct me if I am wrong but aren’t we supposed to populate our world?  With Begotten sons and daughters from the words of One Father as a married couple?  This is when I started smelling a skunk in Texas within the First six months , 24 sundays at church.

Father of Lies the Church

MAN/WOMAN  WOMAN/MAN each after its own kind you pray to this; the Kraken, Red Devils you get this;

Yahweh, thank You for the grace to do and enjoy exactly what You’ve called me to do. Father, I will step out in faith and not procrastinate and miss out on my God-given opportunity. God, I will follow Your commands. Help me to be faithful like You are faithful. I love You and bless You today and always, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

Why are you praying in Jesus name?  He was a common man.  What god are you praying to?

The Hebrew word “amen has its origins in the Egyptian god Amun, which is also sometimes spelled Amen

Call me crazy but you are praying to the Pharaoh. So when you die physically and they close the lid you been praying in darkness to begin with by invoking your own darkness.  Spiritually you have been dead all your life and you will never die eternally one particle at a time. The eyes looking at you are yours because you did not look into my eyes.

If you are paying attention amen is lower case where as Amen is upper case.  If you notice in the Song of Silence the word i is lower case.  That is why I wanted to stare at those words, the word i is lower case in the middle of a thought a  song.

I have always told my followers I am not a Hebrew neither was Moses or Abraham they come from NO MAN’S LAND between the 3 Mountain ranges.  The pelvic bones of your thoughts what forms your mind.

Deborah and her Husband were sitting around on the porch this morning drinking coffee.  They told me of a man that used to sit in the mornings and drink coffee and watch Creation come alive a long time ago somewhere in the past.  She asked me what that meant.  I told her go back to 4000 BC and look threw the eyes of the people that lived there in ancient Mesopotamia in the wilderness.  Her and her husband own land surrounded by a forest very beautiful place.  I told them to sit together drink coffee but drown out the sounds of the animals and listen to the silence it has its own voice.

For my followers you did not adopt me no more then I adopted you, you adopted the words that I set out before you table, your eyes in the Sounds of Silence in the Garden of Eden.

In your Fathers mansion there are many doors to open,  Deborah and her husband have opened some of those doors 7 at least that I know of and there are many doors to go through, 7.1………………………………………………>>>>>>

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Narrow your eyes you narrow your path listen to the Sounds of Silence 4000 BC

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

Ghost Memories 50th Tactical Fighter Wing 1974

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above


Old Texas Rattlesnake

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    1. I am humble your my youngest follower so I will teach at a different level. If you have any questions let me know. I do not belong to any religion but I know the KJV and Genesis. If you read the KJV stay around the first 34 sentences in Genesis and ask me questions.


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