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I got a new follower this morning a 14yr old young lady from India.  I looked at about 10 of her blogs so I am going to comment on what I saw.

She is highly intelligent it seems like time will tell.  She reads a lot of other mens books about self help, psychology and yoga and meditations and all the things that seem good.  I will tell her if you follow me through all your books out the window.  A lot of the sciences you are quoting from a Greek word that means take your best guess.

That is like rolling the dice either you are going to come up snake eyes makes you unstable or you roll the dice and hope you come up with a pair of 7’s.

I know you are unstable because you cannot heal yourself.  I caught the word events you use; plus the words you use,

We all doubt ourselves sometimes

Thoughts like I am not as attractive enough or I’m not as smart and intelligent enough or not as well-situated in life as I should

What I have also realized is that a lot of my insecurities exist where I have yet to prove myself to myself.

Something that makes us feel even more miserable

Never show your weakness on the open Internet.  You give advice but you cannot heal yourself.  Plus I looked at some of the older men that are following you.  Just looking at there face and their eyes they are not who you think they are.  You are leaving yourself wide open.  You are acting like an adult on your blogs because you lost something in your heart. You follow other men you end up with this;


I am different I do not follow other man’s commentaries, religions or science. I do not follow any man’s religious thoughts or ablutions.   I read what I want to find out and I use common sense to write to my followers.  I teach a thought that goes back further then the 7 religions of the world,. You have 4 religions that came out of the river Indus valley, 1500 BC and the rest followed.  You have millions of gods you worship and they press down on you like gravity. You cannot get nothing done.

India has been around at least 5000 thousand  years and they cripple themselves with all the gods they serve.  This is another form of the MAN/WOMAN  WOMAN/MAN

I am talking about the religions of man and the thoughts of other men that you accumulate in your mind.  Until you get rid of those thoughts from other men you will never heal the images in your mind.

Like I tell my followers I do not preach a religion,  I teach a common man’s thoughts that go back further then the ancient Hebrews.  The Hebrew text is accurate but the use of the word god and lord are not in the original Hebrew text.

How can you trust me?  Sit with me awhile then roll the dice, should I stay or should I go.

This is just FYI always control the situation.  Always look at the eyes, even in a picture, and look at the facial lines are they harsh are if they are harsh it will tell you a lot about what the person is about especially in a man’s face.


Narrow your eyes you narrow your path listen to the Sounds of Silence 4000 BC

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

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