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I had a question come to my mind this morning and I have been dwelling on it for a long day.  As a Father, I am going to address my comments directly at the daughters that hear my words wherever you at in the world.  From 4 yrs old to 64.  When you are raped by anyone, relative or uncle or whatever bastard. Your female nature spirituality splits into.  You were born a female in the Garden a young female.  You will have your first event as it says in Word while you are still forming as a young female.  Your virginity is taken either by intercourse or by hands or both.  General rule of thumb between 9 yrs old to 14.  I know this both by life experience , I know it in by the word in the Old Testament.;

When this happens what it means is in the spiritual realm,  you become a WOMAN/MAN your sexual identity split apart spiritually.

There is difference also between a wife and a virgin. The unmarried woman careth for the things of the Lord, that she may be holy both in body and in spirit:

Gen. 2: 7:34 She shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.  You were a created a female in the Garden around 9 yrs old.  You were a virgin first before you lost your innocence.  Things happened you absorb the anger of the man and his evil intentions then left you to defend your emotional guilt and shame that wells up inside you.

In christianity you are taught to pray to a GOD/MAN there is no redemption in that ; you will never get healed and you will die inside every day.

Yahweh, thank You for the grace to do and enjoy exactly what You’ve called me to do. Father, I will step out in faith and not procrastinate and miss out on my God-given opportunity. God, I will follow Your commands. Help me to be faithful like You are faithful. I love You and bless You today and always, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

The Hebrew word “amen has its origins in the Egyptian god Amun, which is also sometimes spelled Amen

The unmarried woman is the female in Gen 1: 27 that is talking about you young ladies.   Whatever your age you will that image and if you do not know how to heal your spirit you will grow old and bitter.

In marriage or out,  you carry one thought in your mind  and spirit I am your Daughter Father.  Then you walk back to the Garden where you came from.  Where is says the Virgin Mary had a son.  That is the spirituality of the Adult Woman who has been raped or otherwise. She birthed the idea of one thought there is one Father  My Father is not a god or Jesus as a MAN/God, Amun.

Don,t invoke Jesus name for prayer

You are asking a Egyptian god to heal you. Refer to my blog , two Fathers.  When you see the image that is  talking about you, usings names from the Word that is Esther an Sara and the other female names in the Word when come to realize that there is only one Creator you Have only one Father that small thought births in you mind and grows and consumes everything else that is pressing down on you like gravity. Your angry your guilt, being ashamed of yourself will go away.  Your real Father will consume your thoughts.  Even if you are in a marriage then your a wife.   Your a wife now but you were not married in the Garden you were a virgin.  That is another reason I tell people to stay close to Genesis.  Make peace with yourself you always have been a Virgin just Man told you were not.  That is bull.  You were born a Virgin and will die a Virgin all you have to do is simply say, all day long if need be till you calm down inside your heart.

So you put you name in the scripture anywhere it is talking about a female, the Virgin Deborah birthed a son a thought away from man.  In the Sounds of Silence.   Do not go your whole life thinking you are the only one in the world that you live that there is not another young lady that is hurting.  It is more prevalent then you think.  Most times the parents tell that it was your fault.  My parents did and I spun out  most of my life.  Until I realized the church could not heal me because they worship a MAN/GOD.  I kneel before no MAN or his Gods.

You accept that your one Father in your heart you are a Virgin regardless of what happened in the past.

Narrow your eyes you narrow your path listen to the Sounds of Silence 4000 BC

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