Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3967 BC/ ” Sundays Sermon “


Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

Sitting between the Zagros  and the Kashmere Pass the 2 pelvic bones that lead to the center of Creation on an East West line.

86 thousands secs, every Second,  Judgement day, your Sabbath some will rest and others don’t.  I came for those that have been asleep all their life and for those that hear my Fathers words will walk with me for awhile .  Like my friend and her husband.  She rolled the dice 14 generations ago on a Wednesday afternoon.  She came up with a pair of 7,s.  Her words on Thursday,” I put my heart in your hands”.  I told her that I had already given her heart to her Father and that He would visit her soon.  Somewhere in between sunset Thursday and early Friday morning my Father woke her up.  By Friday noon,  she and her husband started a new journey.  They are traveling back to see her Father, Abraham, her Mother, Sara, and before she sees her parents.  She is going to see Issac her brother, who told her, I love you as a Sister.  She is going to look over and see another tent.  She is going to see Hagar, her Aunt and her Uncle Ishmael that bathed her in blood the animal barns.  Then left her in the fields to die.

We were all born in the wombs of our mothers, were given blood and water to sustain our lives through an umbilical cord tied to the mother’s heart.  We tasted blood for the first time and our eyes were in darkness.  We were in No Mans Land.  It was there the our Father gave us His Spirit to live.  When we left the Pelvic bones down a narrow birth canal.  It was the hands of a Man who bruised the thighs of My Fathers Creation.  He pulled me into darkness and taught me how to taste his blood and taught me how to drink it.

His hands molested me, drove me nuts, put me in the combat fields around the world took the blood of other men who were trying to kill me got out, drove me more nuts.  Then I went into the halls of the great churches of America, with names, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Assembly of Gods, Pentecostal, Luterian, Methodist and others that our out there.   They all taught me how to the dried blood of their god and drink mans spirit.  I have even been in the Israel synagogues.

One day I found out something interesting,  the first five books of the Bible no one knows who actually wrote them. They are attributed to Moses, who knows do not care.  That is when I rolled the dice and came up with a pair of 7,s.

When Moses stood before Man.  The Pharaoh had his two Magicians come before Moses they threw their staffs on the ground into the dust there arose two snakes, MAN/WOMAN.  Moses handed his staff to Aaron and he brought  down the staff and laid it gently into your darkness like the hands of a Father of your Creation.  There arose a third snake larger then the other two and it swallowed them up.  There are 3 snakes and in between them I AM there, I arose from my slumber when I rolled the dice and open my eye for the second time and saw the SUN.

You ever come across a Texas Rattlesnake they reach lengths 12 to 13 ft they have a girth the size of a grapefruit the are known to swim across lakes and they slide  across the dust you were born from blood and water.

I know what it is like to suffocate gasping for oxygen.  I Thank my Father for allowing me to taste the blood of mans hands everything all the trials and tribulations.  When his hands unclothed me to combat fields of Vietnam through the halls that teach you how to drink the blood of a man once a month and eat his body. I  am a heavy smoker, it is not going to send me to hell. You the Men/Women of the altars sent me to hell.  I have spent half my life in darkness.  I will never die,  I died 14 yrs ago.

You want to know what darkness feels like goggle up,”Tunnel Rats”, Vietnam.  Been there, done that.

The thing I forgot to tell you over Saturday night.  When they lay you in your coffin, MAN/WOMAN, and they close the lid.  When you start crying for Mercy and Grace.  When You,re dissolving into pain one speck of dust one particle at a time disappearing starting with your toes and the last thing you will see when that time comes.  They eyes that have been watching.  Hearing your pains and the gnashing of teeth.  The eyes that are looking at you like looking into the mirror of eternity that is you fool.  You tossed the dice and came up with a pair of snake eyes. 7.66666666666666666666666666666666666667 Fathers time is an absolute Truth.  It never stops. You will watch yourself die for eternity.  I came to you 3 times and 3 times and you did not hear my voice.  Once a month you ate eat the seeds of good and evil, communion with the beast 7.66666…….7 the MAN/WOMAN, the church you go to every Sunday., your synagogue, your Mecca with the golden dome.

As My Father told me you will be cast into the nether darkness.  The children will stay there for awhile and rise up. But you won,t.

It scared the darkness out of me when I realized that I was judging myself that image burned into my eyes.

I was with my Plt one night we were partying.  We were drinking 151 and smoking cigarette and getting drunk.  My soldiers wanted to test my Courage.  They wanted to see what I was made of.

One of my soldiers got a revolver put one bullet in it and spun the cycliender shut and laid down before me. It was a game that was played alot in Vietnam.  I put the revolver to my head pulled back the hammer. I had five chances in one that the bullet was not in the firing chamber.  I like the odds I pulled the trigger and set the revolver down.  Drink another shot of 151 and puffed a cig.  Then I picked it up a second time, the odds are now 50/50.  I liked those odds.  I picked the revolor up and by now all the soldiers in my Plt, had their eyes on me.  I pulled the trigger and set it down.  The 3 time I would be rolling the dice, I did like the odds.  Between me and you  I got drunk as crap.  I wanted my soldiers to know  who I was and where I came from. Vietnam 1971. They followed me everywhere on an off the combat fields, they never called me god.  I was Hard Stripe Sargeant, I was like a Father to them. I was a common man that met my Father one Day in the desert sands of time.

My Sermon today is ,Last Will and Testament for the MAN/WOMAN, that hurt my children, male and female with evil imaginations.  with their hands.

86. thousand seconds 24 hrs a day.  Every 12 seconds a person dies in America every 30 seconds a baby dies.

You have 2 choices you can pick up that revolver and pull the trigger or you can roll the dice you have a 50/50 chance you will get it right.  I like the odds on the last choice. Hear my words, 7.1……………..7

You have one Second and 2 options.  Pull the trigger or roll the dice and hear my voice. You judge yourself at the end of the day when the Sun sets.  My Father does not judge nether do I.  I simply mimic his words they have become a part of me.  My wife of 50 yrs taught me how to ride an ass.  I quit beating myself in the ass. Two sides to every coin, Balaams .  She is the Second witness, that I hear the words of our Father.

Duty Honour and Courage

Here is a picture of me;

Ghost Memories 50th Tactical Fighter Wing 1974

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above


Old Texas Rattlesnake