Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3963 BC/ ” Night Training Operations “


Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

I was trained in Forensic Analysis in the Military as well as in civilian life.  When I am looking for a bad guy.  Like here on the Internet.  I would pull up a site and look at your comments that you were making to young people that responded to you.  I watch every word you use and how you use them to elicit a response from the young person you were talking to.  Do you use  the same word twice in another comment.  I am looking for the use of control words to elicit a response from the young person.  Just using an analogy,  as soon as you say something like, I don’t  mean to offend you.  Then you as a young person just lost control.  The bad guy will build on that sentence and his comments will become calculated.  You as a young person never show a weakness on the Internet, your swimming in the waters of the “Red Devils”.  You never telegraph your weakness to a stranger.  You look him straight in the eyes and even if you feel scared.  You control the situation and buy yourself time to analyze your options to survive the situation.  You practice this with your Husbands or your best friend. Especially young women.

If you cannot run away without looking down, keep you eyes on his eyes and close the distance between you an your opponent, control the conversation, get inside the reach of his arms.  Get close enough to where you can hit his foot with your foot without looking down.  You will know and sense where his feet are. Kick his foot or leg he will instinctively, he will look down hit him as hard as you can in the “Kentucky Fried Chicken Basket

If the person is going to hurt you, he will have to backup to use his hands in that split second make your move.

I was working on the 3rd tier of Soledad Prison in a prison wing.  Between the railings and the walls there was only a 3 foot walkway.  I was approached by an Inmate who was highly agitated.  I stopped him just outside arms reach. He was about my height, 6, 1 but his biceps were huge like a pair of guns as we called them.  I soon figured out wanted to fight, so I closed the distance and got myself inside his arm reach. He thought I was challenging him.  I never took my eyes off his eyes.  When I was ready I tapped his foot with my foot as soon as his eyes left my eyes and looked down.  I grabbed him in the basket.  You make a move your going to singing acapella.  I was then able to yell for help.  The gunmen that was supposed to be in his cage had left.  I did not let go until there were six officers around me.

What makes me different.  I am teaching you how to survive in the darkness.  I  have several young couples  I teach offline.  I will tell you to interpret a scripture. I am looking to see how you answer.  I want you to tell me what that verse or scripture means to you.

I have trained men all my life for combat or in the Oil Fields or where ever I was at.  I am not a follower.  I was always a leader even in my young age.  I always controlled the situation until I am at ease of your intentions. I walk by myself, I have one best friend outside my family,. We have talked on the ph for the last 20 yrs.  In the last 10 we have probably seen each other a handful of times.  We call each other when we want to bs on the ph.  Or there is a problem going on.  We don,t judge each other.  We make each other laugh to take the pressures of the day away.  On Internet is like a dark ocean, never show your weakness,  I am a Manic Depressive, that is showing weakness.  Me I can witness that to you.  Because I will watch your response so I can help you.  Like it says in the Word, “Heal thyself” because no one else will.  Its the words in the Old Testament that will heal what ails you.  So if you are reading self help books or whatever.  Your telegraphing your weakness to others that you do not believe in the word of your Father.  Perhaps you have been preached to instead of being taught to apply the word to your hurts. You mimic the altar.  Your Father is not in the New Testament, he is in the Old Testament, the altars will never teach you the truth,  arm yourself with your eyes.

Duty Honour and Courage

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