Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3972 BC/ “Sitrep DIV S-2 “

Combat Operations

DIV.  S-2

Military Intelligence Report

Night operations,  Pakistan and India are at each others neck ready to kill each other over the lush Indus river Valley. On either side of the borders lie deserts nothing grows.  Water supports life.  They have been shedding each others blood for hundreds of years.  Gods of Islam and Buddha.  They all drink each others blood. It gushes from their mouths and hands and the children are drenched in blood.

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Ceasing Combat Operations for the next 7 day,  Armies will be position for an attack through the Khyber Pass down into the valley the Indus River Valley.

Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

Sitting between the Zagros  and the Kashmere Pass the 2 pelvic bones that lead to the center of Creation on an East West line.

Here is a picture of me;

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Old Texas Rattlesnake

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