Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3970 BC/ ” Sabbath every 6 sec’s “


Welcome to My World NO MANS Land

Sitting between the Zagros  and the Kashmere Pass the 2 pelvic bones that lead to the center of Creation on an East West line.

Sabbath Day for the MAN/ WOMAN the 7th Day

There are 86 thousand secs in a 24 day, there are 7,452 people that die in America ever 24 Hours, 12 people die every Second,  This is for the MAN/WOMEN there are 6 MEN that die every second.   3 males will go to Heaven that know who their Father is.  3 MAN/ WOMEN will stay behind.

86 divide by 12 ==7.166666667

What this means is 1.1tenth will go to Heaven those the male children.

7.6666666667 will spend eternity in darkness.

These MAN/ WOMEN are the ones that turned their backs on their daughters when they were being molested and raped and other evil imaginations. The Women that call themselves Pastors , Bishops, Chaplins, Prophetess whatever name you take. You left the unnatural use of your body.  You are going to get a double portions because you taught my daughters to taste the blood of your gods and your men killed my daughters.

You have been asleep in my generation.  I came to you 3 times and 3 times you did not hear my voice. You called you own judgement on your head.  My Father warned you.  It is not his hands that did your judgement it was your hands and your mouth covered in blood.

When you close your eyes in the natural world and they put you in the ground in your own coffin.  Your eyes are going to open and then since you came from the bones of a MAN who I created from my bones of my bones from t the dust. Your bones are  going to fracture in cracks for a period of time one particle at a time. This will start at your feet and work upwards towards you eyes at the same time you will dissolve like a particle of dust one at a time. You will be screaming and yelling and your teeth will be grinding. The air you breathe will dissolve on molecule at a time.  7.6666666667.

I know how it feels, I cracked my ribs twice in 6 months, I gasp for air because I have Emphysema Stage 4.  Because you made my daughters drink the blood of MAN and you  turned you back when the Uncle or Husband was raping my daughters you will face the most judgement everything has a measure of weight for eternity.  Those that teach there is an equal balance between good and evil, your judgement is the same.  You will be crying for Mercy and Grace because in the Darkness you will see my eyes,  I am your Father you worshipped the Serpent I lied to you.  You worshipped my blood and drinked of it you belong to me now. Once a month you drinked by blood and ate my body.

There was a Woman down here on the border in Laredo, TX. about 3 months ago.  Who took in an Illegal MAN in as a boyfriend.He took the Woman’s 3 yr old baby girl and dissolved her in a bucket full of sulphuric acid.  It will dissolve the flesh down to  the bones.

I know what 99 percent Sulphuric acid will do to flesh. It burns and dissolves the flesh. I used it age 9 to make Nitroglycerin.  You are going to be in that coffin screaming you heard off. You going to feel the pain of all the children that you taught to drink you blood your god.

I spoke it into existence, every 12 secs, 6 of you will face judgement in the twinkling of an eye when you die.

You rolled the dice a pair of snake eyes and you will see the Serpent for eternity. Those MEN that hear my voice you rolled the dice a pair of 7,s.  One goes like Queen Esther and One stays Like Queen Vashti.

Here is a picture of me;

Ghost Memories 10th Special Forces , Afghanistan 2001

Hell on Wheels 2nd Armoured Div, Vietnam, 1971

506th Air Assault

Death from Above


Old Texas Rattlesnake