Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3980 BC/ ” I Came to You 3 Times “

This last week has been one Hell of ride Saved One and One Died.  One left and One stayed in the valleys.  He has come to me 3 times in my life.  Once when I was around 26 yrs old.  Years before I got roped in the pews of the altars.  I did not understand the vision at the time.  That was the First time.

The Second time he came to me was around February 1999, it came into my Spirit that I was to be in Hebrronville, Tx. at my Father in Laws gravesite at exactly 12:00 pm the 24th of December, not a minute sooner not a minute late. On that day we drove 2 hours south west to Hebbronville TX.  We got there about 11:15 we were early so we went on into town and got some lunch to go.  We came back to the cemetery and ate our lunch.  The day was very hot about 99 degrees and the winds were coming out of the deserts of Mexico, they were blowing about 25 miles an hr.

At exactly one minute to 12 we went and stood by my Father in Laws grave and looked down at his grave.  The wind stopped blowing and everything went silent.  I was looking around to see what was going on.  Then my Father in Laws words came back to me that he spoke to me years ago.

He told me I believe in you, save my daughter, stay with her.  At 12:30 the winds came back and we left.  I did not at the time know what that meant at the time.  I watch His words go back into the heavens.

He came to me, the Third time during the night hrs last Friday night.  I changed my front page to 4000 BC.  That is how old the Earth is.  We are 6 Seconds into judgement.  There is only One Second left.  You have a Day of rest to figure out who your Father is.  Like it says a day is like a thousand years.

I am a Battlefield harden Soldier. I watched men die on the battlefields. I am a Vietnam Vet, I was at the battle of Khe Shan and watch them die.  I was at the battle of Bastogne the winter of 1943 and walked with Gen. George S Patton.  He moved two full Divisions engaged in Combat with the Germans in the dead of winter and marched them 120 miles no sleep, bitter cold little food in 72 hrs, 3 days and 3 nights and engaged the enemy at Bastogne.  And relieved the 101st Airborne that was surrounded by the Germans. I believe they had 3 Divisions. I stood at the walls of the Alamo and stood with my Uncle for 13 days and watched men die.  I have been in many battlefields in my life time.

I was cradling this young man dying in my arms one day and he was scared he knew he was going to die.  He was looking into the heavens crying for his mother.  I told him that it was ok you can go home now go to sleep I will stay with you.  He closed his eyes and went to sleep in my arms.  This was all in a matter of perhaps 45 seconds.  I was oblivious to the bullets flying past my head to noise and confusion and the smell of combat the sounds of  mortars and arterially shells exploding around me.  I laid him down gentle on the ground and closed his eyes.  Then I went back to killing men who took his life from my hands.

There is a saying,” I would rather be a dog then a lion”.  Lions kill because they are wired for that.  You take a bulldog and you feed it raw meat they will kill you without hesitation.

I am restrained now I subdued my power kill men.  But make no bones about it if you cross into man’s land.  I am going to warn you three times.  You better weigh your decision carefully look into my eyes I will kill you.  If you got a pistol or a knife while you are looking at my eyes I am going to close the distance and get within 3 feet of you.

When you lie to a child or steal their identity.  You have the taste of blood on your tongue and it gives you a sense of power and control.  You will kill again and again and again.  I am 65 yrs old.  How many generations were born just in my world.  It comes up to 6 generations, my wife ,1, my sons,2, their wives,2, my great grandson,1.  This is what is called generational lies.  We have all been lied to you this all came from the altars of men.  Who rape us with their hands and their words with lies and deceit.

The young lady that killed her first born then turned around and killed her second born.  This was two blogs ago.  The reason I posted her full blog is because she and  her husband believe in a god.  Her spirit is burning because she doesn’t know how to subdue the taste of blood in her mouth and mind.  She is dead, her husband is dead and their children are born dead.  This is the one that stayed behind in the last 7 days.

In retrospect from Friday night, I walked with another young lady.  By Monday morning she was opening her eyes to the world around her.  Tuesday, the 4th day, she put her heart in my hands.  At the end of the 5th Day.  I gave her heart to my Father.  On the 6th Day I told her of these things and I told her the Father will come for you soon.  I told her to rest on the 7th Day.

In the early morning hours, the Father came to her.  Somewhere in the dawn on Friday morning.  From the Fathers hand , he gave her heart to her husband.  The Lord woke you up at two in the morning.  I come like a thief in the night.  To take back my children from the hands of man.

I have to tell you one more thing.  I saw your post from last night, I
hope you are feeling ok, last time you said your breathing became
difficult.  You are a good, strong man.  You gave me strength.

We were suppose to leave early today, but I was waiting for a
package to arrive. It did not show up. If it would have shown up I
would not have been here when our Father came to me.  I cried so hard,
knowing that I was in the presence of our Lord.  I went to my husband
and told him what just happened.  We cried together. I told him about
you and your wife.  He understands.   I am with you.



Susan I  know you are going to disappear into Creation this weekend.  You and your husband will never take your eyes of each.  The fourth man in the fires of Nebukkanez he is looking at you.  When you are out and traveling about stop by Gen. 6 who is the giant now that came unto the daughter.  It is like looking at the moon you only taught one side.  They never tell you what is in the other side.   Angel , Prophet I just mimic back the words of the Father to you.  He called out your name.

This is 7th day, Rest for Susan and her husband my task is done.  Hoorah.

For the rest of you, I have a message for you from my Father you are going to in one Second and you are going to judged .

The Fathers jugement always comes from his Nature,  The Laws of Nature.  Because you mock him and scoff at him and worship other gods the time of the gentiles is coming to an end.  Get yourself an 7 second hourglass and turn it over and watch time slip from your hands.

Look  at a straight line from Earth to Heaven.  If you move that line 12 inch to the East the Sun will burn you up.  If you move that line 12 inches to the left from the sun you will freeze to death.

There are 12 Judges, 12 inches, 12 x 12, 144 inches, 144 Elders.  Now the 7 Second hour glass is out of time.  You are clamouring for a New World order.  Your wish, prayers to your false god is being Granted. My Father get mean when you rile his anger.

Inside the Earth’s core is Iron Oxide plus other chemicals, it is spinning around like centrifuge at a high speed a thousand miles a hour.  It creates a magnetic field that enwraps the Earth.  From your X and Y axis from True North magnetic field is moving to the West at an inch a year it started in 2015 that is five inches off dead center True North.  Now you are getting into no mans land.  It has pulled True North from it’s center with it and it is accelerating.  How do I know this?

During the last 7 days, I woke up one night and I had trouble breathing.  I look up the temperature and precipitation rates for the last thousand years laid out on a graph every five years they go through a cycle.  They stayed the same until about 1985 when they started to rise.  The same yr just about when Al Gore told you about climate control.  If you were looking the graph and you started at the center of X, Y axis and say you numbered 0 to 50 up and down the X line .  The temperature extremes hit their peak in 2000.  Then the next five years 2005 the temperature starting dropping and the precipitation rates started increasing.  In 2005 to 2010 they leveled out.  2010 they started dropping again.  The heat temperatures worldwide are decreasing and the storms are increasing.

This year as we call here in America, Tornado Alley, across the Midwest there have been 500 reported tornadoes and we are now we are entering Hurricane season, June 1st.  Tornado season starts in March to May, 90 days.

Now turn your 7 second hourglass over that is what is going to happen the Earth is going to flip its axis. North becomes South and South will become North. It has happen twice before in the past.  This time there is no coming back to life.

You can sit with your gods of good and evil,  you are going to get burned either way. It will happen in a millisecond before you know it. Me I am going to be sitting with my Father watching from above with the rest of us who learned to hear his words and mimic back to him so others could hear.  Like a mother teaching her baby to speak until he or she mimics back the right word.

You world is going to come crashing down in one Second.  When can’t say but I can tell you My Father is getting riled up and when he does I am going to ask him if I can pull the lanyard the gun ship, Puff the Magic Dragon, Vietnam.  My weapon of choice.  Either way your world is fixen to come crashing down. 

I love Combat fight me make sure your using the right weapon.  The common man is Abraham is me. I walked into the womb of my creation.  Abraham , 4000 BC. Just Fyi.


The other links you  should have on your computer.


Ancient Hebrew Alphabet: 2500 BC.




In case you forgot  here is a picture of my Father;




Here is a picture of me;





Ron died along time ago in  another world.  He calls me a Son now.


My name is not GOD, LORD, JESUS, and I am sure is as Heck not from Texas.

IAM sent me to You


Old Texas Rattlesnake

12 thoughts on “Tx. Rattlesnake/ 3980 BC/ ” I Came to You 3 Times “

  1. 1999 was an incredibly significant year for me. My dad and his 2 brothers died that year all from heart attacks. Peter was first on January 12, then Matti in Aug/Sept, then Paul was the last on 23rd December.
    11/15 is my birthday. 2015 I got my masters in teaching. Susan is my sister in law. The wind was the element I always felt connected to, I figured because I was a Scorpio it should have been water. (Shrugs)


      1. Yeah! The one who picked up the Ezekiel 37 story! Haha thats pretty cool. How funny. Just the whole … Susan & Kim. Susan is older than me actually, by 3.5 years!


      2. That has a lot to do who you. Kim tasted blood in the water wanted to play with the Rattlesnake. I warned her three times, Kim/Kalliope…..Sandra/Susan could be me 3.5 seconds. Nothing is coincidence in the spiritual realm of my Father. He gave me the name Susan 3 days ago. I knew one reason why you just told me the other reason. Eze. 37 I was talking about America and what is happening here.

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  2. The coincidence or not, it is what it is and however one chooses to perceive it. I know enough to not take things personally. I know we have a good jest together for our hearts and messages are in sync. Opposite directions but the same destination. You know?
    You speak to and for your audience, for your cause. It is not the same as mine so I don’t comment on what I don’t feel connected to.
    Just like the prodigal son, or Jacob, or Joseph and his threads. One way or another things always find there way back home Again


  3. Hello, this is Susan. Everything above is as it says. It is hard to describe what happened, my eyes tear up the second I think about it. Tears of joy. Thank you Ron, I had to take a break for a minute to read one post. Thank you for sharing your life and mine. It means a lot to me.


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